Blockchain-based Telemedicine Platform WELL Amazes Investors with 40% Discount and No Minimum Contribution

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read
Blockchain-based Telemedicine Platform WELL Amazes Investors with 40% Discount and No Minimum Contribution
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The platform which directly connects doctors and other healthcare specialists to patients makes an unexpected step during the pre-sale offering great bonus to early supporters.

The telemedicine service market is on the roll: every year it is growing at about 20%. It does not come as a surprise: health is the basic value for every person and the boost of technologies gives way to the most progressive medical support. One of the most notable representatives of telemedicine service providers in the blockchain sphere is WELL. This project aimed at globalizing healthcare is developing fast and gains good reputation. Nevertheless, it manages to surprise the crypto society with an act of generosity during the ICO – 40% bonus with no minimum contribution.

The story of WELL started in 2015. This company has spent long time becoming a network of multilanguage professionals who deliver high quality medical support all over the world. The efforts have been paid off: WELL totally conquered the state of California (US) becoming its largest network of therapists. It is also licensed by Medicare, which is the respected US federal social welfare program for the elderly.

The advantages of WELL are evident. Global reach and free distribution of the platform stimulate its growth. The wide spread of the network is stimulated not only by the high quality of service – it also has economical background. The WELL platform provides telemedicine service which can save patients lots of money – the price is lower by almost a third. The launch of the WELL Web platform helped the company to reach more people. No wonder the WELL token crowdsale has attracted lots of attention.

The pre-sale of WELL token was launched on the 25th of February. Before the public sales WELL went through a stage of private sales. It was a great success: the company raised $3 million. It is not the limit – the pre-sale is on the go. The public sale is scheduled for the 16th of April and will last a month. It will continue till the 15th of May or till the reach of the hard cap which is set to $28M.

The WELL platform is doing great in the ICO – WELL token seem to be popular. The soft cap has already been reached. The company decided to generate some heat for the early publishers. The first change is about the Whitelist: the registration was supposed to end on the 24th of February – and now it is to run till the 15th of April. However, that is not the main news from the platform.

The WELL token pre-sale experiences extreme rise of interest – the significant bonus attracts lots of followers of the WELL platform. On the 14th of March all buyers will get the 40% bonus. What is more, the WELL platform sets no minimum contribution limit during this day. This decision is sure to build popularity of the telemedicine platform.

All in all, the WELL platform is giving investors lots of bonuses and support. The recent launch of the personal dashboard for crowdsale supporters is just one example of the attitude to their investors. The platform will also reward the early supporters during the whole pre-sale and sale process. However, the 40% bonus with no minimum contribution is an amazing deal –the WELL platform is sure to face the rise of interest on the 14th of March.

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