Blockchain-based Video Streaming Startup White Rabbit Will Spend $1M to Onboard Streaming Sites

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
Blockchain-based Video Streaming Startup White Rabbit Will Spend $1M to Onboard Streaming Sites
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Video streaming company White Rabbit is launching a new Partner Streaming Sites program that will bring benefits not only to film producers but also film lovers.

White Rabbit project was developed by the great team of experienced and talented professionals in different spheres such as filmmakers, streaming services operators and software engineers. In close collaboration they managed to create a really unusual and unique product. The main idea of their work was to add more transparency and expediency to the films and series streaming ecosystem ensuring rights holders get their fair pay.

Being evolved with an aim to fight piracy and to bring benefits to film producers as well as to film lovers, White Rabbit represents itself a browser plug-in which gives its users a range of new opportunities. First of all, film fans now can easily find any legal content they may want online and store it in a specially created user library called the Rabbit Hole.

According to a number of different studies, 60% of those who watch movies illegally opt for this variant not because they just want to avoid any payments doing so buy because of the fact that they do not have an opportunity to find a legal access to the content they want to. The new project will solve this problem.

Moreover, with application of the blockchain technology users pay directly to film’s or series’ rights holders. This helps to carry out all the payments without involvement of intermediaries leaving higher prices aside. Blockchain technology makes the entire process of cooperation between filmmakers and viewers much easier and safer including such a stage as paying.

The launch of the so-called Partner Streaming Sites (PSS) program is announced in the official White Rabbit’s blog post. The PSS program will enable film producers to “find sites and users dedicated to films like theirs, allowing focused marketing and release campaigns matching their target audience.”

The project managers invite all kinds of video streaming services to join the new program and to become one of those who will develop and create a so-called “the next generation streaming ecosystem.” Under this notion the authors of the project mean a renewed, safer and more transparent streaming environment from which not only filmmakers will benefit but also film fans.

The most important criteria for potential partners are specified in the official blog post. They should be the “most innovative, brand-conscious, film and series loving streaming sites”. A very interesting detail that may seem even surprising is that this description can be referred not only to already existing and successfully functioning services but also for those that are just “planned, or about to launch”. They also have a chance to apply for participation.

The budget of the program will be formed from the funds raised over the forthcoming tokensale, which is planned to be carried out in the first quarter of 2018. 10% of revenue from content streamed will go to the PSS program. It is also said that the entire program budget will be nearly $1 million. It means that any project that will join White Rabbit’s ecosystem will get a chance to receive up to $100,000.

Moreover, the project is going to set a pre-sale campaign seeking to raise 25,000 ETH as a hard cap. The White Rabbit team invites all the services willing to join the partner program to apply for participation via email.

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