Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm: Outcome of the Large Crypto Event in Sweden

September 20th, 2018 at 3:22 pm UTC · 4 min read

The event gathered over 200 visitors – among guests there were top experts in crypto sphere and the Member of Swedish Parliament – Mathias Sundin.

Speakers and Key Topics of the Event

The conference gathered 18 speakers from top world companies– representatives of the leading fintech companies, such as PwC Legal, Blockchain Alliance Europe, Fortum and Vattefall. Specialists discussed unique blockchain applications in various sectors and regulatory framework for the technology.

Evaluation from the Swedish Government

One of the guests of the conference – the Member of Swedish Parliament and the Co-founder & Chairman of the Warp Institute Foundation – Mathias Sundin. The specialist discussed the decentralized systems and evaluated their power in modern world.

He gave an explanation for the connection of 1st and 2nd Internet eras – together, they create crypto-economic networks. The specialist clarified:

“Crypto-economic networks will use the wisdom of the crowd and the economic power of the centralized platform.”

View of the Expert from PwC

Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna, Partner & Leader at PwC Legal Switzerland, delivered a presentation on the topic “Legal and Regulatory Challenges with Innovation.”

Visitors discovered how the emerging technologies – DLT, AI, 3D printing and IoT – can be used in various sectors.

Then, the expert made a forecast for future with DLT – he gave examples of how DApps will substitute the common technologies. According to the speaker, Brave will come instead of Chrome, Experty will substitute Skype, and Facebook will be replaced Steemit.

ICO Regulations

Legal regulations for ICOs were discussed by the President of Blockchain Alliance Europe – Tanja Bivic Plankar.

The expert explained the disadvantages of the unregulated environment – scams and fraud are possible, and the companies perform poorly. The specialist suggested the solution – smart regulation.

She gave a definition of scam and named the ways to detect it – not enough information about the token and team, no soft cap or hard cap, and ponzi schemes. Moreover, the crypto specialist described the reasons why ICOs fail, and emphasized the need for self-regulation and following AML and KYC politics.

Blockchain and Land Registry

Jörgen Modin, Chief solutions architect at ChromaWay, shared the experiences from the Swedish Land Registry project and innovative platform Chromapolis.

The expert discussed contracts on blockchain and explained how DLT models work in his company. He gave a hint that the key features of the platform are relational programming model with powerful query capability, sharding, sidechains, hybrid consensus, new safe DApp programming language and upgradeable DApps.

Blockchain in the Real Estate

Head of Digital and Innovation at Landshypotek Bank – Merete Salmeling – clarified how blockchain will shape the future in property market.

She described the phases in the blockchain property project: creation of the PoC app, environment test with roles for property transactions and integrated test with live transactions.

The specialist also told the audience that blockchain will eliminate difficulties with manual control, complex transactions and time-consuming processes.

Blockchain for Music

Mattias Hjelmstedt – a serial entrepreneur, investor, and the Founder & CEO at Utopia Music – shared with guests how to improve the music industry with DLT.

According to him, the problems of the existing sphere are lack of efficiency and transparency, long payment cycle, undistributed money and unfair revenue share from social media.

The expert sees a solution in using DLT, so, he shared the experience of his platform. The specialist explained:

“By collecting copyright information in a digitally automated way, we are able to provide the music industry with accurate usage data.”

Exhibitors and Sponsors

The event had a space for the traditional demozone – companies have shown their latest developemnets in the crypto industry. One of the exhibitors – the DLT-based platform CoinLoan. The company’s representatives introduced CoinLoan’s lending system which offers benefits for both money lenders and borrowers.

The refreshments sponsor of the event – the DLT-based platform Almond which allows users to learn the detailed history of their drinks.

The silver sponsor – unique music ecosystem Utopia Music. The platform helps talented artists and creators to enter the music industry with the help of blockchain.


The conference was organized by the international company Smile-Expo, which has already conducted 44 crypto events in 25 countries. Next events from the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference series will be in Switzerland, Belarus, Malta and Russia.

The schedule of the events – on the website of Smile-Expo.


Yana Makarevich, Head of the project

[email protected]