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4 Best Blockchain Conferences to Attend in Q4 2019

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by Julia Sakovich · 4 min read
4 Best Blockchain Conferences to Attend in Q4 2019
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Here are the brightest events in the blockchain industry that are scheduled for the coming months. They will help you to stay up-to-date with the newest developments.

The first three quarters of 2019 have been remarkably exciting and the industry continues to grow in numerous ways.

One commendable progress is the open-mindedness received from banking institutions, government regulators as well as lawmakers. Commercial and investment banks such as JPMorgan are developing their private digital assets. New products like physically settled Bitcoin futures contracts are exposing the crypto market to a wider audience, and advancements in blockchain technology are becoming more inclusive. Whether it’s the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) movement that has become an area of interest, or the emergence of stablecoin issuance – the crypto industry continues its disruption.

All these, alongside many other topics, take precedence in the top blockchain conferences and events. The events listed here are carefully selected for both the enthusiastic cryptocurrency user as well as the beginner in the industry.

Eurasia Blockchain Summit

Huobi Group, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has over the recent past focused on the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market in Turkey. In collaboration with Kemer Partners, it is getting ready for one of the most exciting blockchain conferences in 2019, the Eurasia Blockchain Summit to be held in Istanbul. The two-day long event will gather crypto enthusiasts, industry leaders, and government officials to discuss the future of the industry.

Experienced speakers in the cryptocurrency and financial world will be attending. Huobi Group’s very own CEO Livio Weng is among the keynote speakers in addition to Fei Liu, the COO of Bixin Finance, Huobi Global CFO Chris Lee and Prof. Emin Sun Gurer.

The Eurasia Blockchain Summit expects wide attendance of Turkey-based cryptocurrency enthusiasts. A study by ING found that 20% of the Turkish population own or use cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the Eurasia Blockchain Summit is being held at a time when Turkey is experiencing bad economic performance, which is likely to motivate the residents to attend to be equipped with new ways of navigating the bad economic landscape.

Date: Oct 18 – Oct 19, 2019

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Decentralized 2019

The University of Nicosia is excited to host Europe’s premier blockchain conference, Decentralized. The year’s event will mark the third edition of the Decentralized Conference.

Global business executives, as well as academic experts, will take time to discuss three vital aspects: business and how it will be disrupted by blockchain and digital currencies, latest developments in the blockchain world and academia where experts and researchers will dive into what the future holds for the crypto space.

Keynote speakers at the event will be Blockstream CEO Dr. Adam Back, Bill Barhydt the founder and CEO of Abra, founder of the Chamber of Digital Commerce Perianne Boring and Dr. Garrick Hileman, the Head of Research at Blockchain wallet.

Date: 30 October – November 1, 2019

Location: Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens, Greece.

SF Blockchain Week Epicenter

SF Blockchain Week Epicenter is a unique event supporting interaction between startups, academicians, enterprise firms, developers and investors from all over the world. The purpose of the event is to deliberate upon the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in general.

The event is organized by BerkeleyHaas, Dekrypt Capital, Multiplied and Noris among others.

The main focus of this year’s week-long event is to drive mainstream adoption through the utilization of education as well as engagement with projects that currently lead the way. Also on the agenda are the security aspects of blockchain protocols ranging from game theory, market design, and crypto-economics security.

In the past, SF Blockchain Week Epicenter has invited the likes of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin to speak, and this years’ speakers are expected to be from the same tier.

Date: October 31- November 1st, 2019.

Location: San Francisco and Berkeley

DAS: Markets 2019

DAS Markets is an institutions-focused cryptocurrency conference. It brings together cryptocurrency exchanges, lenders, insurers, banks, and investors to expose them to the ever-changing crypto market infrastructure.

This years’ agenda focuses on topics like payments, exchanges, OTC desks, and dark pools. Other interesting topics such as custodial banking, trading & futures, and lending in crypto will also take center stage.

Among the speakers at DAS: Markets 2019 you may find Charlie Moore, the CEO of Global Debt Registry, Sunayna Tuteja, Head of Digital Assets and Blockchain at Ameritrade and Michael Sonnenschein, the MD Grayscale Investments.

Date: November 13, 2019.

Location: Cipriani South Street, New York, NY.


The cryptocurrency industry refuses to take a step backwards.  It is continuing to disrupt industries and financial systems. The changes it is bringing to the economy cannot be ignored. For this reason, attending at least one event such as the ones listed above is key to staying ahead of not only innovation but also the competition.

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