Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem TriForce Tokens Launches Its Next Token Sale on February 20

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Blockchain-based, online gaming ecosystem Triforce Tokens has scheduled its next Token Generation Event (TGE) for February 20th, 2018, offering 1.5 billion tokens in total, with 25% discount for the first 1% of supply.

Backed by Coventry University and Innovate UK, TriForce Tokens – the blockchain-based, online gaming ecosystem – has announced the dates for its’ upcoming token sale. The ambitious platform is working towards becoming the first fully-compliant UK ICO with ISO27001 certification and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The company has also decided to rebrand its utility token from TFT to FORCE token.

TriForce Tokens’ vision of a decentralized platform addresses the prohibitive barriers of market entry, particularly for independent developers. The ecosystem aims to offer developers a way to rapidly deploy common features across any platform and any game, such as tournaments, P2P trading and peer ranking.

TriForce Tokens TGE

Following extensive consultation and critical feedback from partners and marketing support, Triforce Tokens has scheduled its next Token Generation Event (TGE) for February 20th, 2018.  The event runs for two weeks and ends on March 6th, 2018. 1.5 billion tokens (1,500,000,000 FORCE) will be on offer at the event, priced at 1 ETH = 6,000 FORCE. The sales have been soft capped at 1,600 ETH with bonuses for early contributors.

The bonus, detailed in the updated whitepaper and website, is a 25% discount for the first 1% of supply. The dates for the final token sale event will be announced in February, following this TGE. Triforce Tokens plans to release FORCE tokens to contributors immediately after the final sales, which will also coincide with the listing of the tokens on several authorized exchange platforms.

Instead of replacing existing revenue models, TriForce Tokens looks to expand on unexplored streams, with a harmonising ecosystem of digital wealth across all platforms. Players can use TriForce tokens to trade with others or earn them as rewards for competitions. Developers can compensate players with tokens for completing tasks and charge their own fees for P2P transactions.

May the FORCE be With You

Triforce Tokens’ team has been working hard to elevate the profile of the platform and position itself as a leader in the blockchain revolution of the multi-billion dollar online games industry.  FORCE Tokens are expected to be the currency powering this revolution, providing a frictionless settlement ecosystem for peer-to-peer exchange of values through its groundbreaking RaidParty.

Scheduled for beta release shorty before the next token sale, RaidParty enables streamers and developers socially engage and reward each other through its inventive blockchain honor system.

Second Life and Triforce Tokens’ Growing  Market Presence

As part of its market penetration campaign, TriForce Tokens has collaborated with popular 3D virtual world, Second Life. TriForce Tokens is now included on the platform’s virtual Cryptocurrency Information Center. With over 900,000 active users monthly, it is the world’s leading 3D social platform, which users can now learn about Triforce Tokens FORCE Tokens and its decentralized revolution of the gaming industry.

Strategic Industry Partnerships

Triforce Tokens has announced a partnership with leading marketing consultancy Look Touch & Feel. The partnership is believed to enable TriForce Tokens widen its reach and deliver on its TGE commitments. The company is also a member of the games and publisher network, Tigard, and a corporate member of Swiss-based Crypto Valley Association. TIGA’s core purpose remains the strengthening of games’ development and digital publishing.

TriForce Tokens has been attracting the attention of private investors expressing interest and is now in the middle of finalizing quite exciting new deals. Triforce Tokens has also partnered with Coventry University Enterprises Ltd for corporate and business cooperation, while initiating an IP audit with the UK government’s Innovate UK for its technology and brand.

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