Blockchain Music Startup VOISE Launched Alpha Version of the Decentralized Platform

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Blockchain Music Startup VOISE Launched Alpha Version of the Decentralized Platform
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Three months after successfully closing its token sale, decentralized music downloading and streaming service VOISE launched the alpha version of its platform, which will offer music artists and lovers fully-fledged features and experiences.

The platform allows users direct access to music from company’s homepage, be it from the popular music category, top downloaded, or the latest uploads. Users can also filter their search by theme, genre, or artist. Crypto wallet integration will let users deposit and withdraw in VOISE token or ETH, while a fiat payment gateway will provide inclusion for mainstream consumers.

VOISE will also launch its streaming service for the Radio Dao community. The radio channel will facilitate easy communication with the community on future updates and development, promote top artist, and host a unique community voting system where users can select their favorite radio service – and share any profits from it.

Music artists will be able to upload songs and albums directly to the platform, setting their own prices for users. Alternatively, they may wish to encourage community participation and goodwill by opting for donations. Artists will also be able to engage with listeners through a detailed profile section. Fans will be able to follow and donate to their favorite artists via this same section.

VOISE believes that the current problem of the music industry lies in the unfair revenue distribution model championed by self-serving intermediaries and opaque systems. This is why VOISE has chosen to solely focus on simplicity, uniting both crypto enthusiasts and average music consumers in their common love for music.

VOISE has already been well received by renowned independent artists, such as Grammy-nominated Carolyn Malachi and DJ sensation Jinco, and is currently on CoinMarketCap with $800,000 daily trading volume trading at 800 Satoshis. The successful token swap in September has already positioned VOISE for future listings on major exchanges.

The developmental roadmap has been updated to reflect VOISE’s upcoming efforts in establishing key partnerships within the music industry. Plans are also in place for an artist verification system and search engine.

Identifying South Korea as an emerging market, VOISE also has plans to reach out to the South Korean music community for investment opportunities. The platform has also initiated partnership effort with the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, the world’s largest open-source blockchain alliance connecting Fortune 500 enterprises with Ethereum experts.

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