Blockchain Startup Zeepin Wants to Build a ‘Decentralized Innovation Community’

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read

With a new decentralized platform, Zeepin intends to transform the world’s creative industry, solving the problems related to copyright protection and project financing.

Zeepin is a new Shanghai-based startup that is expected to revolutionize the current creative sector. The project is led by former CEO of Arting365, Zhu Fei, who has more than 15 years of experience in the creative industry and was awarded as “20 Top Young Creative Talents in Shanghai in 2011”.

The startup, which describes itself as a “decentralized innovation community”, aims to build a new platform that will enable transactions and crowd funding of creative assets, incubate self-governing organizations, and help content creators with rights confirmation and assets digitization.

“Based on the standard open source framework consisting of the NeoContract smart contract system and front-end library, Zeepin Platform enables any organisation or individual (including creators, manufacturers, and channel partners) to launch innovative projects or jointly organise decentralised self-governing innovation teams,” the project’s whitepaper reads.

With a new platform, each company or individual will have its digital identity and will be able to convert innovative resources into digital assets, which are protected and may be shared on Zeepin Chain, a decentralized blockchain developed for the creative industry.

The Zeepin platform includes several dApps to help solve the main issues faced by the creative industry. ZeeCrew, ZeeFund, ZeeRights, ZeeTalent, and ZeeCreate are among the dApps the project’s developers are currently working on.

ZeeCrew will offer a cost-efficient and easy way to establish a company on the platform, while ZeeFund will allow users to quickly launch crowdfunding projects. As a decentralized design connection platform, ZeeCreate can quickly connect creative concepts and users in need of creative ideas.

ZeeRights, meantime, will enable simple copyright creation and protection of virtual assets and can be used by investors to monitor the progress of their fundraising projects. The startup has also developed its native Zeepin token ($ZPT) which can be used for processing and compensation of the dApps within the platform.

To finance the project development, Zeepin is planning a pre-ICO using its ZPT tokens. In total, the startup is going to issue 500 million tokens and has put a hard cap of 240,000 NEO (around $8.6 million) on the sale.

A special bonus of 30% will be offered for contributors investing on the first or second day of the crowdsale and will gradually decrease with each day of the campaign. Zeepin will accept NEO, ETH and BTC currency and will require a KYC validation for each investor.

According to the team, 50% of the money collected will be used to develop and improve the core features of the platform, 20% will go on project operation, 15% for marketing and the other 15% will be used to pay for the Zeepin Chain Board of Directors.

The token sale campaign will start tomorrow, on January 18, 2018, and finish in 12 days on January 29, 2018.

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