Blogging Platform Mirror Opens Access to Everyone

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Blogging Platform Mirror Opens Access to Everyone
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The platform’s management has now embraced a new system that allows anyone with an Ethereum address and wallet to use the platform.

Mirror, an Ethereum-based publishing protocol, is set to become available to the wider public after months of restricting access to only a few selected writers. This was revealed via the official Twitter handle of the platform.

Previously, creators could only gain access to the platform by earning enough votes through the weekly Mirror WRITE Race on Wednesday afternoons.

During the race, existing users of the platform are allowed to vote on applicants who should be allowed to come on board within two hours.

The voting process requires the use of the WRITE token, making it a popularity contest of sorts whereby only those who finished in the top 10 in the voting would be airdropped one WRITE token. These tokens can then be redeemed from a Mirror-hosted .xyz blog.

However, the new announcement has revealed that the platform’s management has now embraced a new system that allows anyone with an Ethereum address and wallet to use the platform.

It is said that “Mirror has evolved from a tool for writers to a full-stack web3 creative suite for communities and DAOs”.

Unlike other foremost commercial blogging platforms that sell advertising to the traffic their contents generate, publishers on Mirror would be able to own their content because it is stored on a decentralized public blockchain instead of the usual company servers. This means that a user looking to leave the platform can do so with all of his data.

It also means that each content uploaded on Mirror are cryptographically secured and thus it would be almost impossible to edit or corrupt such files.

In its erstwhile closed format, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, Aave Grants DAO and a number of other projects have published their contents via the platform.

Mirror has also hinted that it would be adding new features like subscriptions, feeds, and an improved editing interface for its user base.

How to Use Mirror

A user looking to use Mirror publishing services first has to connect his Ethereum wallet or address to the protocol. This way, he would be able to either create content or embed media blocks of videos, NFTs, social media posts and even blogs. The protocol allows the users to import their blogs from other platforms like Medium and SubStack.

An interesting addition to the protocol is the potential earning opportunity it adds as these blogs could be minted into “Entry Editions” which provides a user an opportunity of creating an NFT which could be sold in the future.

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