Blue Ocean Mining Hash Power Tokenization and Trading Platform Global Launch

June 6th, 2021 at 9:54 am UTC · 3 min read

Blue Ocean Mining Hash Power Tokenization and Trading Platform Global Launch

Blue Ocean Mining Global Launch

Blue Ocean Mining (BOM) is led by large global miner communities in Germany, South America, South Korea, Southeast Asia, etc., joining forces with globally operating mining farms, traditional finance and DeFi concepts, to build a decentralized hash power NFT tokenization and trading platform. aims to build a one-stop integrated decentralized cloud mining platform for retail users to solve the high threshold of participation caused by the global pandemic and various national policies. At the same time, it provides hash power liquidity for retail users through NFT tokenization, to solve the pain points of many users participating in mining. encourages users worldwide to participate in the platform governance, and allows users access to strong liquidity through the exchange of tokenized hash power.

BlueOcean Platform Functions:

  • Trading of BlueOcean NFT products:  Hash power NFTs can be sold on the platform after being approved through DAO on-chain voting. Two sales forms, fixed price and auctions are supported.
  • BlueOcean NFT Farming: All users can commit hash power NFTs in farm groups to obtain BOM tokens.
  • Blue Ocean Store: In the BlueOcean Store, users can obtain the NFT certificate from a “mystery box mining machine”.
  • BlueOcean NFT-Collateralized Loan: Users commit the hash power NFT’s mining income until a certain date to receive a loan in USDT and can repay the principal and interest as it matures.

BlueOcean Governance Token: BOM

BOM is the platform governance token, through which holders can participate in the development and governance of the platform. Any miner who achieves exclusive ownership by burning and using BOM can participate in the “ocean paradise” ecosystem development.

BlueOcean will be the first to support the merger of the traditional mining industry with DeFi innovation. Successively, it will release traditional games, music and videos, artworks, and expand BlueOcean to eco-friendly NFTs through “build your paradise”. BOM will be a powerful incentive for users users, as well as establish a new generation of innovative blockchain projects into practice through NFT + actions + DeFi.

BlueOcean’s business and service fee profits in will be redistributed to the community through buyback and burning, buyback and airdrop, replacement and renewal of NFTs.

Platform incentives will be distributed via a smart contract:

  • 40% of platform revenue directly go to the BOM liquidity pool;
  • 30% of platform profits are used for buyback and burn;
  • 20% of platform profits are used to connect core community promoters with miners;
  • 10% is used for early community and core code contributor incentives.

BOM’s total supply is 80 million tokens.


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