Twitter-backed Bluesky Releases First Code for Decentralized Social Media

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Twitter-backed Bluesky Releases First Code for Decentralized Social Media
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Bluesky has released its software code Authenticated Data eXperiment (ADX) that allows to have brief experiments of building a decentralized social media platform.

On Wednesday, May 4, Twitter-backed project Bluesky released its first code for its idea to “develop an open and decentralized standard for social media”.

Dubbed Authenticated Data eXperiment (ADX), the code comes with a software developer kit along with server implementation and basic commands. This code features things one might due with a social network such as creating posts, liking and engaging with others’ posts.

However, the code’s very basic at this point. But Bluesky decided to release it as part of its commitment to “work in the open and share our progress”. However, the team wants users to set the expectations right. In his Twitter post, BlueSky notes:

“Before you get too excited: this isn’t a launch! There’s no app or network, there’s only a command-line for testing. We’re releasing this to work in the open and share our progress”.

How Does Authenticated Data eXperiment (ADX) Code by Bluesky Work?

ADX uses something dubbed as “self-authenticating data” which allows users to port their own data between networks. It employs a Web 3 idea of having user control over company control. Currently, existing social media apps in Web 2.0, such as Twitter and Facebook, are all company-controlled.

Furthermore, Bluesky notes: “It’s not possible to have a usable social network without moderation”. Now, this is in contrast to Elon Musk’s idea of free speech on Twitter which talks about a zero moderation policy.

Clarifying further, Bluesky states:

“Our view is that ‘speech’ and ‘reach’ should be two separate layers. The speech layer can be as neutral as publishing a website. The reach layer determines what gets amplified across the network.”

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey established Bluesky back in 2019. So far the project has made good progress with the publication of an ecosystem review of different decentralized technologies and applications. This includes the Ethereummicrobloggin platform Peepeth and the blockchain-based InterPlanetary File system.

Although Bluesky is hinting toward Web 3 adoption, it still has to clarify whether the decentralized social media platform will have a token running on the blockchain network.

On the other hand, billionaire Elon Musk is now at the helm of affairs at Twitter after his complete takeover last month. It will be interesting to see how things move going ahead.

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