Bosch Launches Own Cloud for Its Internet of Things Services

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Bosch Launches Own Cloud for Its Internet of Things Services
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Bosch IoT Cloud is an innovative platform that unites all different IoT initiatives of the company.

For many years, the Bosch Group has successfully developed and presented pioneering solutions. These can be harnessed by the energy industry in multiple fields, including electromobility, wind energy, thermotechnology, storage technology, and building technology.

Now German manufacturer reveals its plan to launch its own IoT cloud as a center of its different IoT initiatives. Bosch is going to start around 50 of its own in-house applications on the cloud this year while other companies will get full access in 2017. Bosch is also developing global data centers but doesn’t provide exact information so far.

“The most important innovation” of the company was announced at the Bosch Connected World Conference in Berlin. CEO Volkmar Denner called the innovation “Bosch’s biggest bet yet” and talked about new cloud-computing platform for web-based services called Bosch IoT Cloud. The basic aim of the platform is to facilitate the process of purchase and development of such technologies as sensors collecting information or software performing data analysis for the customers. According to Bosch, 14 billion of devices – starting from home appliances to fuel pipelines and production machines – will be networked by 2022.

“The Bosch IoT Cloud is the final piece of the puzzle that completes our software expertise. We are now a full service provider for connectivity and the Internet of Things,” Mr. Denner said. “It is a major milestone for Bosch.”

The adoption of IoT technology places company on the same level with Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and Salesforce – the companies that already have computing centers for big data analysis. Bosch’s computing center near Stuttgart is planned to be the first one in the range of   many data centers the company will establish globally in an effort to compete with information technology giants.

German manufacturing giant now works with some early-adopter clients and plans to promote its cloud services to the automotive and other industries. Bosch marks out energy sector as one of the spheres of interest. Here smart electric grids are expected to feature networked customer-located electric vehicles, home appliances and other devices.

Answering the question about who will finally win the race in the Internet of Things, IT companies or those that are experts in “things”, Bosch underlines that it is well-established in both worlds. It creates reliable products of superior quality that already contain a good amount of software. Having new IoT platform, company complements the core competence in the Internet of Things: connecting users, business partners, devices, machines, and enterprise systems with each other.

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