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Custodian Brane Capital Announces Plans for Public Listing

UTC by Patrick Kariuki · 3 min read
Custodian Brane Capital Announces Plans for Public Listing
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Brane Capital has revealed its plan to go public via the TSX exchange by end of the year 2021.

Brane Capital, a major cryptocurrency player, announced that their plans are underway for a public listing before 2021 ends. If the plans materialize, Brane’s Capital will be the first qualified Cryptocurrency and digital assets player from Canada. Once approved, the digital asset startup will provide financial services and solutions to Canadians and even institutions in a market mainly dominated by only one American company.

Brane has shown its seriousness by signing a letter of intent. The show of commitment, letter of intent, indicates that the deal will involve Timeless Capital Corporation, which’s listed on the TSX exchange. In summary, there will be a reverse takeover resulting in Brane’s Capital’s listing.

Possible Effects of Public Listing for Brane Capital

Adam Miron, the acting CEO, HEXO director, and the current chairman at HEXO was quoted saying that being publicly listed will be a major step towards getting a homegrown law-compliant custodian services solution for Canadian investors. He further added that the cordial relationship enjoyed by the two companies, Brane Capital and Timeless Capital Corporation will continue.

The HEXO Co-founder, whose company was first listed on the TSX venture and later in NYSE was further quoted saying that it’s unacceptable for Corporate and small-scale investors to keep entrusting only one player, who also doubles as the only exchange for their digital assets. Brane’s listing is the solution to change all that for good, the Co-founder added.

Even after the public listing, the company’s (Brane) board of directors will not be tampered with. The members will continue to be Dave Revell, a former director at CIBC, Dalton McGuinty, and the 24th Premier of Ontario. The board will also include Sheldon Bennet, DMG solutions’ Chief Executive.

Brane Capital’s president, Jerome Dwight, noted that going public will help the company source enough funds for executing and achieving intended expansion and acquisition strategies around the globe, as they maintain a relentless pursuit to provide autonomous and unconflicted custodian services in Canada. He believes that digital assets custodian services shouldn’t be controlled by any exchange.

About Brane Capital

Brane is a blockchain startup that entered the market four years ago, 2017. The company’s primary goal is to assist people and organizations know how they can leverage the power of blockchain technology and make wealth from digital assets. Brane Capital is the first company ever to be ISO 27017 certified. In addition to the commendable achievements, Brane’s state-of-the-art technology, autonomous, regulatory compliance, and a highly experienced team strategically place the company in a good position to lead the other companies as the adoption of digital assets gathers momentum.

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