Brave Launches Unlimited Encrypted Video Calls to Compete with Zoom

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Brave Launches Unlimited Encrypted Video Calls to Compete with Zoom
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The Brave Together, which is a private and unlimited video calling service, is expected to compete with the Zoom Video app.

Through its Twitter page, Brave Software on May 26, 2020, announced that its Nightly version for North America will now support Brave Together, a private and unlimited video calling service based on Jitsi, which is a set of open-source projects that allows users to easily build and deploy secure video conferencing solutions. The new private video calling service is anticipated to be a competitive advantage over Zoom, a modern enterprise video communication that has experienced a surge in users during the COVID-19 disruption.

Brave is advancing its quest for offering a secure internet browsing service as it involves the users at the same time.

Now it is expected that the Brave browser will continue gaining more popularity among users as it offers better and enticing services.

Among them is the ability of users to earn rewards by opting into its privacy ads through the Basic Attention Token. Over time since it was established, it has been able to attract about 1 million users, creating a huge competition over the Onion based Tor browser.

Brave Together Is a Strong Competitor to Zoom Video 

Tech analysts have been able to identify cracks in the security systems of major video conferencing companies including Zoom and also from Google. It has created fear in most institutions globally, which have warned their employees not to use their services anymore.

With the new cool Brave Together feature, corporations and individuals from the North America geographical region can be assured of secure video conferencing service, according to the company.

However, in response to security breach allegations, Zoom has updated its system and it is expected that it might launch its end-to-end encryption to its over 300 million users this week.

Brave Software has introduced the new service at a time when the coronavirus is forcing people to observe social distancing and reduce unnecessary movements. More users might flock into the Brave browser to enjoy the cool features if the coronavirus pandemic continues being an immediate threat to society.

It is estimated that more than 660,000 content creators are already signed with the Brave publisher program, whereby almost half of them operate on YouTube. It will be a huge win for the content creators to be more independent and certainly able to offer non-biased content.

Other optional features available on the Brave Together includes the screen sharing ability, video quality controls, also the ability of the user to text chat, sending an alert by raising the hand, however, the blurring feature from Jitsi is not yet incorporated at the time of reporting.

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