Bridge Oracle Launches First Public Oracle on Tron Blockchain

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Bridge Oracle Launches First Public Oracle on Tron Blockchain
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The Bridge Oracle will function with the help of its native token dubbed the BRG token, issued back in August 2020.

Bridge Oracle, a protocol that aims to serve as a Chainlink alternative on the Tron Blockchain is live after it successfully launched its mainnet on Thursday, March 11th. Per the protocol’s official blog report, the new network will allow users to deploy real-world DApps on Tron through its oracle system.

Blockchain technology is unique in its own right, creating a fundamental innovation centered on decentralization for which many developers are using to create solutions to real-world problems. However, while blockchain creations showcase their functionalities, they lack the easy means to connect with off-chain systems, thus limiting their deployment for mainstream enterprise use.

The Ethereum developers were able to find a solution to this problem through the Chainlink Oracle, and after much research, Bridge Oracle is bringing similar solutions for decentralized finance applications built on the Tron blockchain.

“The mainnet launch will allow you to deploy real-world connected DApps using Bridge Oracle on the Tron network,” a spokesperson from Bridge Oracle stated. “It’s about time you start to prep up by creating your DApps on Shasta and Nile test nets. We will soon be coming up with more updates.”

Functionalities of the Bridge Oracle on the Tron Blockchain

The launch of the Bridge Oracle on the Tron Blockchain will not only allow for the creation of smart contracts and DApps, but it will also help provide access to real-world data through “varied forms of APIs, as well as parsing helpers, such as XML, JSON, and HTML”, according to the report. The platform will also allow multiple proofs to authenticate the data to ensure it is truthful and trustworthy, all in an easy-to-use manner.

The Bridge Oracle works with diversity as one of its foundational features, providing multiple APIs to ease integration on different types of oracles offered on any DApp. In addition to this, the oracle will allow other external sources to improve usage while striving to guarantee flexibility in the entire integration process.

Per the report, “users can pull data from a wide variety of oracles on Bridge including the Wolfram system, data from URLs, an enterprise oracle for businesses, and BFTS, which allows users’ contracts to be able to interact with the BTFS service.”

The Bridge Oracle will function with the help of its native token dubbed the BRG token, issued back in August 2020, according to details found on the project’s roadmap. As an Oracle built atop the Tron blockchain, payment for Bridge Oracle-related services will be made via the TRX cryptocurrency as well as the BRG tokens, with the latter offering extra incentives.

Opportunities for Business Owners to Get Aboard the Tron Blockchain

With the advent of the Bridge Oracle, there is now a more direct avenue for businesses and enterprises to integrate with the Tron blockchain. The platform’s public and open nature aims to “remove cost and developmental constraints for small businesses” joining the Tron network while “offering them a conducive economic environment” to grow.

Following the project’s defined roadmap, the debut of its Enterprise Oracle System is the next milestone to crush.

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