Businefy Teams Up with CoinStarter to Run Your Crypto Enterprise

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by Maria Konash · 2 min read
Businefy Teams Up with CoinStarter to Run Your Crypto Enterprise
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Crowdfunding platform to gather the most promising ICOs and, once launched, help them run their projects on its own project management platform – Businefy.

Businefy project is in Beta state, however, digital management of this Blockchain enterprise makes it exciting to try.

Large number of tools designed for running a Blockchain business are already developed and are seen as a kind of assistance means for many crypto enterprises to facilitate their business ideas.  Indeed, facilitation of business is crucial for success of the investment.

According to CoinStarter, ” a first of its kind blockchain platform to help entrepreneurs, innovators and creators bring their ideas to life”, Businefy‘s owner, the project is a unique business analytics platform that provides all the essential software applications to fully manage all aspects of an enterprise or crowdsale campaign from project management to hiring, payroll and much more.

CoinStarter has developed Businefy to help projects run their ICOs successfully. This user-friendly platform claims to have registered 160,000 ICO enthusiast with 80 percent completed proprietary technology. Also the platform received 3,500+ ICOs submitted to them at the moment. Businefy’s adoption by every ICO launched on the CoinStarter platform can potentially grow into a network.

Businefy was built by its internal development team being designed as a useful value solution for projects to facilitate their business. The platform will work utilizing its standard coin – STAC, which can be used by any kind of enterprise both in and outside the crypto ecosystem.

The core features of the project management platform allow to run individual or multiple projects from one collaborative platform ensuring smooth project management and delivery. These features are the following: Client Management, which enables to embed CRM into one’s day to day life by keeping track of the clients, prospects, and active opportunities through the client management system; Team Management, designed to help manage project’s team through the team management function; monitoring time worked, days off, sick time, vacation, and project implementation process; Business Intelligence helps compare one’s position in the market and watch competitors with the highly innovative business intelligence engine built into the platform.

The system’s work is empowered by users transferring StarterCoins onto their Businefy wallets, gaining safe and secure access to all the applications of the Businefy ecosystem.

Since the platform is still in its Beta, it is not completely understandable how to use its major features. After CoinStarter’s ICO conclusion, further development of Businefy will come along, so it is quite interesting to see what way will CoinStarter take in its Businefy’s further development.

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