Bytom’s Global Developer Competition Offers Chance to Win Two Million BTM Tokens

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Bytom’s Global Developer Competition Offers Chance to Win Two Million BTM Tokens
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Blockchain Protocol Bytom launches its Global Dev Competition for developers, aiming to improve the company’s sustainable open-source ecosystem.

The Global Dev Competition is a competition for developers launched by an interpretational protocol for multiple assets Bytom. The event is targeted at discovering talanted developers from all over the world for the purpose of strengthening the company’s sustainable open-source ecosystem and development capability. As a reward, Bytom will provide the winning team with two million BTM tokens.

The registration for the competition is currently open. The event will begin with an online preliminary contest, the winners of which will be able to continue with the final part, which will take place in Hangzhou, China, from the 18th to the 21st of October, 2018.

Afterwards, as part of the competition, another Bytom Developers’ Conference will be held at the end of October in Silicon Valley. Technical support will be provided for participants to ensure proper preparation for participants, including a specialist developers’ guide.

The Bytom platform represents itself a highly intelligent, friendly, and flexible digital asset layer protocol. Any peer-to-peer financial applications and asset applications from industries and institutions can be built on Bytom’s platform.

The company’s white paper explains:

“Bytom will greatly promote the exchange, interaction and flow of byte information and byte assets with value attributes. New byte assets will be created by contract and configuration. Bytom will also create applications on a market-based management protocol in a decentralized way and provide unique incentives for local and global participants in the digital economy. As a medium, Bytom has been fully prepared to become an economic body to profit information and an amplifier for information and asset performance.”

There are three main directions for developers participating in the contest, according to Bytom’s request, – tokenized economy, supporting tools and Decentralized Applications (DAPPs). The company is going to benefit these Knowledge for the purpose of further development.

Developers woring on tokenized economy can establish a tokenization logic, issue tokens, and created token-based applications. For example, Joorschain (a blockchain based ecosystem for next level digital advertising), have begun to tokenize their assets based on the Bytom blockchain and carry out token-based development.

Among the supporting tools, which need further improvement, there is, for example, the company’s Btm-scan, a blockchain browser developed by the Bytom team, which can be used to explore and search the Bytom blockchain for transactions, addresses, tokens, prices and other data points. Al Miner is another such tool. It represents itself a one button mining optimization tool that facilitates mining for large equipment and results in a large-scale increase in Bytom’s computing power.

And, finally, using the Bytom blockchain, developers have the chance to create asset-based DAPPs, which can be used for equity, bonds, and financing.

The Bytom mainnet was officially launched in April 2018, and in July 2018, the smart contract platform was released. The platform leverages its own Equity language, a Turing-complete and interpretive high-level programming language.

The Bytom blockchain Protocol consists of multiple byte-assets. There are heterogeneous byte-assets, such as indigenous digital currencies and other digital assets, that operate in different forms on the Bytom Blockchain.

Then there are atomic assets like warrants, securities, dividends, bonds, forecasting information and other information that exists in the physical world. These type of assets can be registered, exchanged, and engaged upon in contract-based inter-operations via Bytom.

Bytom is ambitious to connect the digital and physical world by building a decentralized network where all kinds of digital and physical assets can be registered and exchanged. The ultimate goal of Bytom is to become the world’s largest public blockchain platform that enhances the liquidity, security, and value of assets stored upon it.

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