Calypso Pay Lets Its Users Accept Near-Instant Bitcoin Payments with Lightning

November 23rd, 2022 at 2:00 pm UTC · 2 min read

Calypso Pay, a high-volume crypto processing & acquiring platform of Calypso Group, has added support for Bitcoin Lightning Network. Now the platform enables almost free and near-instant BTC transfers.

Along with Lightning, Calypso Pay utilizes automated transaction formation and mempool analysis to credit the funds before they are placed in a block to ensure near-instant settlement that the Bitcoin network was unable to provide.

Calypso Pay lets merchants receive payments in crypto from their clients and pay their partners and workers almost instantly with minimal commissions. Users can create invoices and use the payment widget to accept payments or charge subscriptions with advanced analytics on top. Calypso Pay even provides a dedicated management module for crypto treasuries to cover their specific needs.

Svyatoslav Dorofeev, CEO of Calypso Group, says:

“Merchants and their clients tend to choose Bitcoin for their transactions, but at the moment this payment channel limits them significantly in speed and volume, and we worked to lift the restrictions. We at Calypso Pay strongly believe the Lightning Network offering scalable and instant blockchain transactions will become the way of payments for the future. Today we’re glad to announce we’re adopting it at the forefront of global payment platforms – we’ll continue working to allow our users to take advantage of Lightning for recurring payments and beyond.”

Now with the layer-2 protocol, its users can receive and send Bitcoin payments much faster. Calypso Pay charges 1% for Lightning transactions – same fee as for all other services with no setup fees, no monthly minimums and no hidden taxes. Transfers via Bitcoin Lightning Network are available to all its users without any limitations: they can enjoy cheap and secure payments with instant deposit and withdrawal and no transaction limits.

The Lightning Network support is powered by the technology of WatchBlock, a SaaS platform for tracing and monitoring transactions. WatchBlock helps customers ensure their incoming payments didn’t originate in dark markets or crypto mixers. WatchBlock is integrated with multiple KYC providers such as including Crystal, to ensure you get up-to-date information and stay compliant.

Both Calypso Pay and WatchBlock are part of Calypso Group, a crypto-native fintech ecosystem for businesses. The Group aims to bring modern fintech experience to the world of web3 and let businesses accept payments in crypto, confirm their origin for regulatory purposes, run payouts and payroll.

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