Cardalonia to Release Cardano-Based Playable Metaverse Avatars

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Cardalonia to Release Cardano-Based Playable Metaverse Avatars
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Via the $LONIA token, the team offers different utilities to the users that make exploring the metaverse not only fun but also rewarding

The Cardalonia team has made public the release of its novel project, Cardano-based playable metaverse avatars. It has been also recalled that the project is launching its token sale.

Cardalonia has positioned itself as the chief Cardano-based metaverse project due for inauguration in Q4 2022.

Cardalonia Features

Cardalonia is a virtual world inspired by the medieval. Players are granted the liberty to own a gaming experience or generate one they are capable of trading on the Cardano blockchain on the metaverse. The team has a mission to create an extensible, cheap, and seamless platform on which players can earn metaverse with ease.

The virtual world consists of different clans for users to choose from and join as the initial step to owning unlimited entry to the metaverse.

Without a clan membership, users can’t perform several activities that include buying lands, building structures, or exploring the metaverse.

Users must also possess the Cardalonia token $LONIA. They can use the utility token to perform all forms of transactions, a welcome development for crypto and non-crypto admirers.

How to Purchase the Token

The team recently announced that it commenced the sale of its token’s seed. It encourages keen investors to buy it via its sale page. There are 50 million tokens created for them to buy from via three sale rounds.

With 1 ADA, Investors can purchase 14 $LONIA tokens, while the least and highest purchase limits are 500 ADA and 20,000 ADA respectively.

If you need technical support on how tokens can be purchased, you can find the information on the Cardalonia website.


  • Total supply: 100,000,000 tokens.


  • Allocation: 25,000,000 tokens
  • Price of Token: 1 ADA = 12 $LONIA
  • Minimum/maximum buy: 200 ADA or 10,000 ADA respectively
  • Duration: 6 epochs
  • Vesting time: no lockup

Public Sale

  • Allocation: 10,000 tokens
  • Token price: 1 ADA = 12 $LONIA
  • Minimum / maximum purchase: 100 ADA or 5,000 ADA respectively
  • Duration: 4 epochs
  • Vesting period: no lockup

Investors who come first have the unique chance of getting a stake in the metaverse and buying some of the $LONIA tokens that naturally whitelists them into the project. Prospective investors are encouraged to make more research about the metaverse land.

In line with the team, investors can look forward to extra exciting moments in the subsequent months as it has arranged loads of fun and rewarding activities for them.

Besides the token opportunity that makes them qualified to buy Cardalonia land, token purchasers can also win some of the customized Cardalonia avatars.

Cardalonia is a 3D virtual reality metaverse built on the Cardano blockchain. Creative digital concepts are the force behind this project.

Its users will be taken back into the medieval times where they can explore and put their creative skills to use.

Via the $LONIA token, the team offers different utilities to the users that make exploring the metaverse not only fun but also rewarding.

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