Cardano Metaverse Project, Cardalonia Kicks Off Token Sale, Over 10% Of LONIA Tokens Sold in Hours

April 26th, 2022 at 3:22 pm UTC · 2 min read

Cardano Metaverse Project, Cardalonia Kicks Off Token Sale, Over 10% Of LONIA Tokens Sold in Hours

Cardalonia utility token, $LONIA Token Seed Sale is live now as users can participate in the token sale round.

With NFTs continuing to rise, new and improved Metaverses are being launched every month to help users connect with each other.

Cardalonia is a unique Metaverse concept being developed on the Cardano Blockchain and unlike other Metaverse projects on Cardano, Holding LONIA tokens will give you multiple access in to the Cardalonia ecosystem like Automatic whitelist for land purchase, staking and governance.

Cardalonia is gaining popularity over the past few weeks due to the uniqueness of the project, great utility, dedicated team, and several other features.

It is vital to know what the project is all about, clans, marketplace, tokenomics, roadmap, utility, how to buy Cardalonia tokens, and much more.

In the Cardalonia gameplay, all players will belong to a clan, and each Clan will be granted a resource bonus including Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Wood and Food.

Cardalonia will offer new utilities of NFTs and also have a fully streamlined and top-class Cardalonia assets marketplace for players to trade as well as list Cardalonia-based collectibles. Currently under development, the Cardalonia market will allow users to acquire land, trade the Avatars, obtain power-ups or buy gems.

$LONIA is the Utility token used for running the Cardalonia ecosystem.

Moreover, there will be 100,000,000 Lonia tokens with a strict lock policy, meaning that the supply is fixed, more cannot be minted.

The Tokens are distributed as follows, 14% to the Cardalonia Development team, 6% set out for marketing & partnership purposes.

20% of the total Lonia supply has been mapped out to be distributed as staking rewards.

50% of the total LONIA token supply will be sold to the public in three rounds.

With the seed sale price being 1 ADA = 14 Lonia tokens.

Interested Investors looking to purchase LONIA tokens at the seed sale can visit the token sale page.

About Cardalonia

Cardalonia metaverse is an engaging and fun virtual world where users can acquire virtual 3D NFT avatars, land and take part in the events to earn rewards. Moreover, the project has robust tokenomics, premium-quality NFTs, dedicated marketplace for trading, and a set roadmap along with a world-class team that is constantly improving the platform.

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