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Top 3 Undervalued Crypto in 2023: Chainlink, Hedera & the 100x Potential GameStop Memes Presale

November 27th, 2023 at 9:17 pm UTC · 4 min read

/GameStop Memes/ – Tired of switching from fixed deposits to bonds to mutual funds? Is there any financial instrument that can give you an edge in this rich gets richer world? Crypto may sound like a passing fad. But it’s not. According to research, over 24% of asset management companies are adopting crypto assets – Blackrock’s Bitcoin ETFs are one example.

The idea is not to go all in, but rather to invest in a diversified manner, managing risk and profit. Look for top undervalued crypto hiding in plain sight, like Chainlink and Hedera. To top it off, look for an asset that stands out from the rest and provides huge returns, like meme coins. These are high-risk high-profit assets, but if you learn the inner workings and the psychology behind them, It may redefine your life as you know it.

Let’s dive deep into Chainlink, Hedera, and GameStop Memes (GSM) (the meme coin anomaly).

Top 3 Undervalued Crypto in 2023: Chainlink, Hedera & the 100x Potential GameStop Memes Presale

Decode the Value- LINK, HBAR & Game Stop Memes

Chainlink is like a hidden treasure that will grow exponentially in the coming years. It acts as a bridge that brings real-world data into blockchains, allowing smart contracts to interact with and react to events and information outside their native blockchain. This capability is crucial for many applications, especially in sectors like decentralized finance, which require real-time, accurate data to function correctly.

In July, Chainlink introduced something really cool: the Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) on its main system. The new update lets traditional finance tap into the digital money world. And guess what? Chainlink isn’t alone in this. They’re already working with some big names in the finance world, like – Swift, BNY Mellon, & Citigroup.

Hedera is another highly undervalued crypto that should be in your portfolio. Why?

Hedera has the backing of heavyweights like Alphabet, Boeing, and IBM. However, it’s not technically a blockchain. What Hedera Hashgraph does is keep a record of transactions, like other digital currencies. Instead, Hedera uses a special method called a hashgraph. In simple terms, in a hashgraph, the different parts of the system chat with each other, creating a timeline of all the money moves.

Hedera claims its hashgraph tech is quicker and safer than traditional blockchain methods. It boasts a stunning 10,000 transactions every second, settling them in just a few moments. Plus, the cherry on top? Super low fees, costing only a tiny bit of a cent.

Top 3 Undervalued Crypto in 2023: Chainlink, Hedera & the 100x Potential GameStop Memes Presale

This cost-effective and efficient approach has lured many to Hedera’s circle. For instance, Neuron is testing Hedera to monitor drone flight details. Similarly, Avery Dennison’s is teaming up with Hedera. Their goal? Using this advanced technology, companies trace the environmental impact of their products throughout their lifespan.

Why GameStop Memes Presale Made the list?

GameStop Memes wasn’t just a catchy phrase; it marked r/wallstreetbets’ social uprising. Not just a flashy headline, but a chapter in history, pushing some Wall Street giants to the brink of bankruptcy. Picture this: everyday memers and Reddit enthusiasts shaking up the financial world—a modern-day David taking on Goliath.

Meme coins have made their mark. Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe Coin are testaments. And with Elon Musk rallying his DOGE troops, it’s a force to reckon with. Enter Wall Street Memes, the crypto that garnered 25 million in its presale and now holds its ground on top exchanges.

Top 3 Undervalued Crypto in 2023: Chainlink, Hedera & the 100x Potential GameStop Memes Presale

Whispers hint that the brains behind Wall Street Memes are powering the GameStop Memes presale. Wondering about its potential success? Remember, meme coins thrive on buzz. And with GameStop Memes echoing the very essence of a viral uprising against financial titans, you might want to jump on before #GameStoptoMoon floods your feed again.

Worth The Wait!

Chainlink and Hedera are undoubtedly the top undervalued cryptos that you can buy in 2023. Make the best out of the current bear market and emerge free in a few years. Meanwhile, GameStop draws inspiration from a historic social movement that even Elon Musk was part of that may soar high, maybe even better than the two fundamentally strong candidates listed above.

As with all investments, due diligence is crucial, but for those searching for undervalued assets with potential for growth, Hedera, Chainlink, and GameStop Memes are worthy of a closer look.

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