ChangeTip Wants You to Tip Your Favorite Artists on SoundCloud with Bitcoin

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by Tatsiana Yablonskaya · 3 min read
ChangeTip Wants You to Tip Your Favorite Artists on SoundCloud with Bitcoin
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Getting closer to your favourite artists has become real with launch of ChangeTip platform. Now you can tip the content you liked using SoundCloud account.

Just think how many times you were reading interesting content or listening to amazing music and wanted to express your admiration to its creator! Now that’s become simpler than ever. With the launch of ChangeTip you can send tips all over the world without leaving your house.

ChangeTip used public API of SoundCloud – one of the most popular channels to share music. Startup appeared at the right time. There have been many talks recently about systems of compensating artists on different platforms.

It created quite a stir when Taylor Swift refused to cooperate with Spotify anymore because they “shrank the numbers of paid album sales”. She chose such options as Rhapsody and Beats Music instead as she thinks reasonable compensation for music is a deserved reward for any artist.

Nevertheless it seems that ChangeTip is oriented first of all on newcomers in show business letting them attract their audience. It enables a deeper interaction between artists and fans. People now can not only comment on the content they liked but also donate to the promotion of favorite artists.

As for the latter – they feel direct reaction on their work. Kyle Kemper, head of tipping at ChangeTip, speaks well about new platform: “Now people can actually reward content they really appreciate, and it will go directly to the individual, rather than to the label or to an intermediary”.

Innovative platform allows tipping artists, bloggers or just your acquaintances in bitcoin – one more great step forward in digital currencies popularization. The value of bitcoin has fluctuated from $210 to $240 over the last several months (upper limit of $300 was registered on March 10) and it still allows to talk about its high volatility.

ChangeTip is already highly recommended by prominent figures in spheres of digital currencies and information technologies. Daniel Palacio, founder of authentication security platform Authy, calls ChangeTip one of the most useful innovations in bitcoin sphere saying that it’s great to have a possibility to send money to anyone.

Winklevoss brothers, who are passionate about bitcoin and predict its great future, also heap praises on new application and consider it both – perfect ability to show artists that their work is appreciated and something that bitcoin now needs for further development.

The process of tipping is extremely simple – you just need a ChangeTip account. If you already have one – just go to SoundCloud and search for how to tip section. If you are using ChangeTip for the first time, you can register using SoundCloud account. The only thing left to do is to comment with @ChangeTip followed by necessary amount. Simple and great!

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