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Chronocatz and Sorare Are Strong Collectibles with a Different Audience

October 19th, 2022 at 3:05 pm UTC · 3 min read

Chronocatz and Sorare Are Strong Collectibles with a Different Audience
Photo: Chronocatz

Sorare has been a steady performer in the world of collectible NFTs with the project seeing weekly sales around the $1 million mark. The project provides investors with collectible cards of soccer, NBA, and MLB teams. That was a strong market for many years and rare rookie cards of great players command big prices.

Chronocatz is a new project that appeals to a different audience with the world of rare, luxury watches. Traditional watch investors will take to this project in the same way that sports fans and baseball card investors take to Sorare. The rarity of the Catz is determined by the luxury watch brand they wear along with tier system for perks and rewards. The collection is very similar to Sorare in the way that it can attract true investors with knowledge of the market. In time, Chronocatz may even challenge the sales of the Sorare project.

Sorare Booms but Faces Gambling Probe

The Sorare brand recently announced a partnership with U.K. football giant Liverpool F.C. A 2021 deal saw Liverpool cards introduced to the trading platform. The new deal will see perks such as stadium visits, match day experiences, merchandise, and video content being offered as prizes for winners. However, one headwind for the project was a probe by the U.K. Gambling Commission to gauge whether the project amounts to gambling. “Sorare remains very confident it does not offer any forms of gambling, and this has been confirmed by expert legal opinions at every stage since the company was founded, including when signing new partnerships,” a spokesperson said. Sorare has over 2 million users worldwide and partnerships with more than 280 million sports organisations, including MLB and British football clubs.

Chronocatz Is a Safer Collectible

Chronocatz could be a safer investment away from the glare of gambling watchdogs. Sorare is a fast-paced collectible game but luxury watch investing has been around for a long time and needs a more patient approach. However, like the Sorare brand, there are interactive perks such as live experiences, exclusive auctions, and prize draws. The Chrono Wealth Club is open to all holders and they can also get perks on the Chronoly decentralized marketplace for luxury watch NFTs.

Chronocatz has many similarities to Sorare due to the passion of its enthusiasts. Just like Sorare will have enticed many physical card traders to its platform, the Chronocatz brand can bring traditional watch investors into the world of non-fungible tokens. The project will have a vibrant community with networking events and parties. The market for designer and rare watches has always attracted wealthy investors and celebrities due to its diversification and safe haven status. That could be the driver for big gains in the Chronocatz collection.

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