Chronocatz Will Appeal to Celebrity Watch Investors

October 19th, 2022 at 3:53 pm UTC · 3 min read

Chronocatz Will Appeal to Celebrity Watch Investors
Photo: Chronocatz

Chronocatz is a new NFT collection created by the Chronoly (CRNO) team which adds to the ecosystem of its decentralized luxury watch trading platform. There are 7,777 cat characters with unique features and traits. Holders of the NFTs receive exclusive member perks and get to be part of a vibrant community for watch enthusiasts.

Celebrities have been big watch investors with hip-hop musicians and NBA stars being two examples of watch aficionados. Sylvester Stallone is a big fan of Rolex watches that he has worn since his Rocky days. Ellen DeGeneres has been seen sporting a Rolex Day Date and GMT Master. Kanye West and Leo DiCaprio are other luxury watch fans.

Luxury Watch Investing Is Still Hot

January 2022 saw the start of a crash in stock markets after the global central banks began an aggressive rate hike strategy. Money supply decreased, and the price of risky assets and unprofitable stocks fell. One asset that soared was luxury watches as seen on the Subdial 50 index of top watches. Watches have been a safe haven for decades and will continue to provide diversification to portfolios.

The Chronoly platform is the next step for this market with the launch of the decentralized marketplace. The platform aims to make pricing for luxury timepieces more transparent, and make it easier to sell collections or post them for collateral. NFT minting of top watch brands will also bring blockchain authenticity to this market which has always been susceptible to fakes. Traditional watch investors will love the platform and the NFT collection can bring them access to a community of fellow investors and access into the metaverse.

Chronocatz Can Attract Celebrity Investors

Chronocatz NFTs are unique in the NFT world where investor trust is the only source of collateral. This collection of 7,777 NFTs will offer access to an exclusive members club: Chronoly Wealth Club. Chronocatz get their rarity from the timepieces they wear and that could attract watch investors trying to build their watch portfolios with exclusive drops and auctions.

The Chronoly platform will appeal to traditional watch investors and draw them to the Chronocatz NFTs because of  the perks on offer. Celebrities have always been keen investors of luxury watches, and many have recently been buying NFTs. The Chronocatz NFTs offer the best of both worlds with a real world community and a chance to continue their passion for physical timepieces from the world’s top brands.

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