Decentralized Prediction Service Cindicator to Disrupt Financial Trading

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read
Decentralized Prediction Service Cindicator to Disrupt Financial Trading

By using machine learning technology and collective intelligence, the platform is expected to address the challenges of financial forecasting.

Cindicator is a new decentralized hybrid intelligence platform that is likely to change the world of international finance and investment. It is a powerful system that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and collective human intelligence to ensure an increased accuracy of financial forecasts.

After raising more than $500,000 in a pre-ICO, the startup is now preparing to launch an ICO. The startup aims to gain $15 million via the sale of its CND tokens that can be acquired with BTC and ETH currencies. The crowdsale will start on September 12, 2017, and will continue for a month until October 12, 2017.

Built on millions of decentralized predictions from different markets and machine learning algorithms, Cindicator offers an efficient instrument for managing assets on traditional and crypto-markets. By merging the wisdom of thousands of individuals and logical power of AI, hybrid intelligence is revolutionizing the financial sector.

Artificial intelligence holds great potential for the industry, as it can analyze huge amounts of data with advanced accuracy and speed. The technology is a valuable instrument when it comes to growing your profits and making right trading decisions in the economy that is plagued with uncertainties.

The major benefit of AI is that all predictions made by the technology are unbiased, as opposed to investment decisions taken by individuals. Many investors admit they are often driven by their emotions when making predictions.

However, traders shouldn’t rely completely on AI, as it lacks experience that can be offered by humans. According to studies, a large group of individuals can be extremely accurate in their forecasts. So, unlike AI alone, hybrid intelligence is much more efficient in analyzing financial markets.

Contributors will have an exclusive access to a Cindicator infrastructure and will enjoy such features as indicators for traditional and crypto-markets, auxiliary service products for trading, market indices and sentiments generated by the hybrid intelligence, and different analytical products. Besides, investors will be able to trade their trading skills and earn more tokens by making accurate predictions on the platform.

The majority of investments will be spent on the development and operations, with the remaining funds going on hybrid intelligence portfolio, marketing and business development, reserve reward fund, legal purposes and acquisitions.

Cindicator is a strong team of professionals with an expertise in maths, data science and finance. In March, it graduated from the first batch of the Moscow Exchange fintech incubator and following the trial was ranked as the top-performing startup. The project has already conducted test integrations with 11 hedge funds and 3 banks.

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