Cindicator, AI-Driven Financial & Crypto Forecasting Platform Developer, Raises $500K and Announced ICO Date

August 15th, 2017 at 1:06 pm UTC · 4 min read

Developer of Hybris Intelligence platform uses millions of decentralized analyst predictions from 135 countries and machine learning algorithms to provide hedge funds and institutional investors with precise forecasts. The project which is now at the pre-ICO stage, raised $500K and scheduled token crowdsale for September 12, 2017.

Cindicator, a fintech startup which has recently raised $500K and is getting ready for ICO, aims to tackle the challenges of predictive financial forecasting with AI and collective intelligence.

Built upon an unprecedented number of decentralized predictions processed by machine learning algorithms, Cindicator develops a Hybrid Intelligence platform for managing capital on traditional and crypto-markets.

The platform combines collective human intelligence (trading strategies, human forecasts and buy/sell signals) with artificial intelligence (machine learning model which integrates cleaning, clustering methods, linear regressions, Bayesian models, xgboost on decisive trees, genetic algorithms, and neural networks) to increase the accuracy of financial forecasts.

Motivated financially and professionally, thousands of analysts generate forecasts daily. They answer questions about price levels of different financial assets, macroeconomic indexes, and events. Machine learning models dynamically calculate weights for each forecaster, identify stable systematics in their errors, calculate corrections, eliminate noise, and generate final predictions and trading signals.

«Financial markets depend on future prediction on a daily basis. At what price and when to buy Facebook shares, Brent crude oil, the US dollar, or Bitcoin? In 2015, traders spent over $50 billion on financial market data, of which $4 billion was spent on predictive analytics. By 2020 this figure will increase approximately 6x. Combining crowd intelligence with machine learning model based on a variety of dynamic feedbacks, Hybrid Intelligence can provide the market with unprecedented forecasting accuracy,” says Mike Brusov, CEO of Cindicator.

Key benefits of Hybrid Intelligence include:

  • a technological and analytical infrastructure for the ecient and managing investors’ capital;
  • an opportunity for analysts to monetize their intellectual assets without risking their own funds;
  • tools and data for making investment decisions under market uncertainty;
  • indexes and ratings of crypto-assets.

Seed Investment and CND Token Sale

Cindicator also announced that it has raised $500K in seed funding. Evgeny Medvednikov, business angel who previously led Cindicator’s pre-seed investment, Megafon ex-CTO Igor Shirokov, and banker Michael Shtepman participated in the round.

The new funding will be used to accelerate the Hybrid Intelligence platform development and to create a new business model. To power the new model, the company will release CND tokens providing access to Cindicator’s indexes, data, services, indicators, information, and analytical products.

CND token pre-sale is scheduled to run from September 12, 2017, until October 12, 2017. During this time, 100% of CND tokens will be issued on Ethereum Blockchain by ERC20 token standard. CND tokens will be priced at $0.01 fiat price equivalent, purchase methods accepted include BTC, ETH, ETC, and LTC. The company aims to raise up to $15M during ICO.

CND tokens will be placed on exchanges, giving an opportunity to openly buy them, gain access to new products, or sell them to traders, analysts, or investment funds. Tokens cannot be sold to residents of the United States, Singapore, or other countries where the sale may require registration as a security.

Each CND token holder can obtain a different level of access to Cindicator’s indicators, indexes, data, services, information, and analytical products. The level will depend on the quantity of tokens in each holder’s possession which in turn will be influenced by each holder’s role in the decentralized ecosystem.

“By issuing CND infrastructure tokens we provide the community a new tool for accessing predictive financial forecasting. It allows us to ensure that the next step is taken towards utilizing all products and capacities of Hybrid Intelligence and creating infrastructure needed to make effective decisions under volatile conditions of the new economy,” says Artem Baranov, COO of Cindicator.

To learn more about CND token sale, read our whitepaper.

About the Team

Cindicator leadership team represents a synergy of like-minded people with a variety of expertise in maths, data science and finance:

Mike Brusov, CEO and Cofounder – a technological entrepreneur with 8 years of experience in launching companies in big data and predictive analytics.

Artem Baranov, COO and Cofounder – a founder of IT companies in development outsourcing, medicine, and financial analytics.

Yuri Lobyntsev, CTO and Cofounder – out-of-the-box inventor, entrepreneur, and distributed applications developer who started coding aged 10.

About the Company

Founded in 2015, Cindicator is a fintech startup developing a decentralized, community-driven infrastructure that harnesses the value of collective and artificial intelligence. We create Hybrid Intelligence that enables the right decisions on traditional and crypto-markets. In future, Hybrid Intelligence anticipates to be used in art, politics, sports, business, technologies, and science. The company has raised $500K in seed funding from private investors.

To learn more, visit our website: and follow our social media channels on Facebook  Twitter  Telegram  Slack and Medium


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