Cisco to Acquire Internet of Things Firm Jasper Technologies for $1.4 Billion

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by Tatsiana Yablonskaya · 3 min read
Cisco to Acquire Internet of Things Firm Jasper Technologies for $1.4 Billion
Jahangir Mohammed founded Jasper and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer and member of the board. Photo by Egor Pavlovich/CoinSpeaker

Jasper is intended to develop IoT service platform for Cisco.

Cisco, a large networking equipment manufacturer, has acquired Jasper Technologies for $1.4 billion. Thus Cisco is striving to look into the field of Internet of Things and to offer the cutting-edge technology to its current customers.

This acquisition has become the largest since 2013 when Cisco purchased cybersecurity company Sourcefire for about $2.5 billion. For the last years many smaller companies joined Cisco that sees investing in new products, such as data analytics software and cloud-based tools for data centers, rather profitable.

Jasper is a provider of a cloud-based software platform for the IoT that helped many companies to become connected service businesses. It has more than 3500 enterprise customers and 27 service providers across 100 countries. It executed over 350 million automated actions every month helping its enterprise users to save countless hours and operational costs. Jasper always stated making enterprises highly successful with IoT as its mission. Now it is expected to offer Cisco a simple, scalable and interoperable IoT service platform that can support the billions of connected devices estimated to be connected to the network in the next five years. Together Jasper and Cisco will accelerate the digitization journey of Cisco’s customers.

Cisco admitted in the interview to Forbes that it admired Jaspers’ long-fought partnerships. “Jasper’s been at this for ten years, building this, and they’ve gotten incredible traction with the service providers,” said Rowan Trollope, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco’s IoT and collaboration technology group. “It’s a big space, and there’s a lot to do.”

Jasper owes a great deal to its CEO Jahangir Mohammad. Rob Salvagno, head of Cisco’s M&A and venture investment team, said about him: “When I first met the CEO, Jahangir Mohammad, I was immediately impressed with his visionary approach to the opportunities available in IoT and his foresight in building a unique business to capture those opportunities. 10 years ago, when everyone was focused on flip phones and the early adoption of smartphones, Jahangir and team focused their energies on connecting everything else, including GPS units, cars, security systems and point of sale devices.”

He continued: “This early insight has proved fruitful, and now many millions of “things” are connected to the network and working on Jasper’s platform. More importantly, Jahangir and Cisco share a common vision of how to best serve the opportunities presented by IoT by connecting everything in a way that is simple, scalable, and interoperable. Jahangir will be leading a newly formed IoT Software Business Unit under our IoT and Collaboration SVP/GM Rowan Trollope.”

Cisco is rightfully considers to be one of the most active IoT investors having more than 50 companies in the portfolio. The company believes in the potential of IoT and doesn’t want to miss all the benefits when this technology will transform the market. In this way Jasper is an ideal partner – it has been in the business of connecting devices since 2004, the time when there were not many to connect. It has especially succeeded in the auto sector with such customers as General Motors and Ford.

In his blog post Jahangir Mohammad has expressed gratitude to all the customers that have been relying on then for all these years: “Let me say at the outset, we are here because customers and partners like yourselves have given us the privilege to serve you. Our sincere “Thank You” for your trust in us. We commit to build on this, and as part of Cisco, to do even greater things for our customers and partners.”

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