ClearCoin to Solve Major Problems of Advertising Industry via Blockchain

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by Darya Rudz · 3 min read
ClearCoin to Solve Major Problems of Advertising Industry via Blockchain

Ethereum-based advertising platform Clear Coin aims to battle fraud and extra costs in the industry, while assisting in product promotion and registration of transactions between publishers and advertisers.

Nowadays, a focus on digital method of advertising is primary. Undoubtedly, one of the mainstream means of product promotion today is online advertisement. But such a popular way of merchandising holds hidden dangers behind obvious advantages – billions of dollars involved in the advertising business can fall among fraudsters, who are just biding time to pocket other people’s money. For context, up to 20% of the total income received from advertising is lost because of fraud.

ClearСoin, an advertising platform based on the blockchain technology, is designed to solve this and other industry-associated problems.  The platform serves as a place for publisher-advertiser cooperation, with any transaction in between being noted in a notepad and recorded. This solution is believed to have immune to fraud and other frequent industry-connected problems.

ClearCoin works with the supply chain of the $563 billion worth media and advertising market, with ClearCoin (CLR) tokens powering its distributed ledger.

The platform offers a number of attractive options:

  • Purchasing capability (for those who need to buy advertising spots for product promotion);
  • Generation of income for publishers, who have advertising space for sales;
  • Security solutions (bots detection and publishers’ blacklist);
  • Bargaining-based auction, to ensure the proper economy in the market;
  • Policy of users’ privacy and the provision of corresponding security;
  • Transparency and the absence of inaccuracies in the history records;
  • Implementation of smart contracts, which provide effective and secure purchase of ads;
  • Provision of real-time data, essential for determination of further advertising strategy.

In such a way, this platform creates a universal product for advertisement delivery that covers all ad formats, allowing advertisers deliver their ads on high-grade resources, while tracking their accounting system, which, in its turn, allows companies find out where their budget dollars go. The technology involved in the project has all the chances to be effectively used by marketing agencies, brands, and advertising publishers.

According to the company’s blog post, ClearCoin welcomed David Drake, cryptocurrency veteran. He has joined ClearCoin to assist with global strategy and advisory. When sharing his view on the new platform, he said:

“This ad network solution innovates on how we can use Blockchain ledger proof of history for advertising between publishers and issuers. Seeing that the platform will accept several dozen different coins to buy tokens is a breath of fresh air; allowing us flexibility to get involved in this leading initial coin offering.”

As was mentioned above, the primary means of exchange in ClearCoin system is its native Ethereum-based token – ClearCoin (CLR), which is already available for purchase. The sale started on November 18, 2017 and will last till March 31, 2018. By the end of March the price of token is expected to be $0.10 per one. After conclusion of the token sale, the price will be determined by the supply and demand on the market.

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