PlusCoin Now Available for Trading on Multiple Cryptocurrency Exchanges

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PlusCoin Now Available for Trading on Multiple Cryptocurrency Exchanges
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PlusCoin, a decentralized crypto-cashback service based on the Ethereum blockchain, has announced that its PLC tokens can be officially traded on on popular exchange Etherdelta.

When a new cryptocoin is programmed into the blockchain, there is a need to make the new tokens more transparent and accessible, so that people could easily trade them.

While the coins in a specifically designed wallet can be exchanged between users, the traders can’t trade other cryptocurrencies and fiat currency without being listed on a cryptocurrency exchange. This is why listing on a stock exchange can be called a real positive development in the new platform’s goal towards universal acceptance.

The PlusCoin team has recently announced that their token PLC has officially been allowed for trading on popular exchange Etherdelta with other trading platforms like Bitsane/Anybits, IDEX, Mercatox, and Yobit to follow suit in the near future.

This wide-ranging acceptance will allow the new platform to drive more interest towards the new offering and its ability to offer cashback rewards for being involved in the process.

The team has also announced the pending burning of all remaining unclaimed coins from the Token Generation Event as a confidence-boosting measure for its early backers.

According to the stats from the new platform, 5,172,323,624 PLCs have been distributed during the TGE with the infrastructure of 13,200,000,000.00 DS PLUS (PlusCoin) and 9,900,000,000.00 of stabilization fund. This leaves the market with 28,272,323,624 PLC, that users can begin trading on the listed online exchanges.

According to Mikhail Mikhailov, CEO of DS PLUS (PlusCoin):

“When discussing the process of burning the unsold during the ICO PLC tokens, we concluded that the total number of tokens, including those that were allocated to the infrastructure and the reserve, should be reduced to properly distribute and increase the value of the coin”

PlusCoin is a decentralized crypto-cashback service based on the Ethereum blockchain. The mobile application itself is integrated with the PlusCoin’s native cryptocurrency (PLC). The platform is targeted at motivating traders and merchants to use the new cryptocurrency for trading.

PlusCoin is ready to be used for partner merchants on the online store, which is already up and running. The TGE of the PlusCoin has raised more than $4,792,435 in the form of Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin. The popular partners of the new merchant platform include big names like McDonald’s, KFC, Reebok and Burger King.

Over 1500 partnerships were announced by the platforms with developed brands and service providers like these, and the PlusCoin team hopes that these recognized names will prove to be a catalyst for their success.

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