Cloudflare Introduces Ethereum Gateway to Its Distributed Web Gateway Toolset

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Cloudflare Introduces Ethereum Gateway to Its Distributed Web Gateway Toolset
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Cloudflare adds Ethereum Gateway to its Distributed Web Gateway toolset now enabling its users explore the blockchain without having to download any app.

With the advent of cryptographic technology comes Cloudflare’s fully decentralized Ethereum-powered blueprint. This distributed web-based gateway is another tool in Cloudflare’s Distributed Web Gateway toolset. 

As a web hosting ecosystem, Cloudflare allows users to host contents on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and access it through their own platform. In the same semblance, this emerging Ethereum Gateway would seamlessly grant Users access to the Ethereum network, which is made available from User’s custom hostname. 

Powered by Ethereum smart contracts Users with internet access can explore the blockchain without having to download any app whatsoever. Permitting users with low computational device power to cryptographically evaluate gigabytes of data on the fly. 

Cloudflare’s Head of cryptography – Nick Sullivan, verifies that this scheme would be provisioned free-of-charge, as it “leverages the existing Cloudflare network, which already provides a number of free services.”

Cloudflare Distributed Web Gateway

Cloudflare’s Distributed Ethereum channel, in accordance with the IPFS gateway, provisions sites with engaging features taking full advantage of blockchain smart contracts. The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) initiates a smart contract consensus that fraughts with additional advantages such as speed, transparency, security, and reliability. The system also incorporates a high entropy random number generating system all made possible by this fundamental decentralized framework.

Since Cloudflare ecosystem is a multi-dimensional online solution that offers services ranging from web-hosting to cybersecurity as well as a random beacon generator, the company has come together to create a transparent pool of publicly valid random number engendering servers, which can aimlessly spawn 512-bit strings (about 155-digit numbers) at regular intervals.

Developed as a stand-alone web dApp to ensure a platform’s uncompromised integrity, the random number beacon lottery systems, government election audits, blockchain consensus, and independent developers can embed this random number outputting software into their applications as a third party app. 

The League of Entropy

Although the idea of a random number generator might seem a little off to less technologically savvy individuals. But from a developer’s point of view, access to a transparent source of randomness is crucial for the security and integrity of all apps.

The newly-announced Cloudflare League of Entropy is a network of beacons that uses Cryptographically Secure PseudoRandom Number Generator. Comprising of global corporations as Cloudflare, University of Chile, École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Kudelski Security, Researchers from Protocol Labs and EPFL, this consortium jointly provides users with a body beacon service provider.

Being a five-server network League of Entropy will generate and make available secure streams of random numbers. Each of five servers will be responsible for generating their own part of a larger stream of random numbers uploading it together on a public service, open to everyone.

“This global network of servers generating randomness ensures that even if a few servers are offline, the beacon continues to produce new numbers by using the remaining online servers,” Cloudflare said.

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