The Coin that Creates Community & Collaboration for Video Games Development

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by Andy Watson · 3 min read
The Coin that Creates Community & Collaboration for Video Games Development
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Being hosted on a decentralized blockchain Game Protocol is believed to bring strong solutions to most pressing problems of video games’ industry.

For more than a decade, video games have been permeating culture, and they have never been more popular than they are right now. According to a Washington Post report, people are spending more and more time playing video games. Although large-scale box sets like Playstation and Xbox continue to have a prominent role in the marketplace, mobile gaming and PC gaming represent the fastest growth segments of the gaming industry. In our aggressive digital culture where computer hacks are frequent and destructive, PC gamers are the most hacked players on the market. This is particularly upsetting because more than half of regular gamers choose PCs as their primary gaming device. It’s time for a solution.

The blockchain is that solution. Originally conceived as the accounting backbone of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the blockchain has matured into an essential technology that’s bringing disruption and improvement to almost every industry sector. Companies are utilizing this powerful technology to develop new platforms that innovate and improve nearly every aspect of the gaming industry.

Companies like Game Protocol are employing the blockchain to improve security, develop a community of gamers, and empower developers.

Game Protocol is the creation of GamyTech, an experienced development company that has successfully launched seven games on the Apple and Google Play platforms, and have collectively attained millions of downloads. The Game Protocol platform is the result of years of industry experience through which they gained first-hand encounters with the problems and limitations of the gaming industry. Game Protocols is their solution to these issues, and it appears to address many of the industry’s most pressing problems.

With their upcoming ICO, Game Protocols is bringing powerful blockchain solutions to the gaming industry. According to Business Insider, gaming distribution platform Stream incurs 77,000 gaming account hacks each month. Gaming platforms cannot expect to thrive if they are fundamentally unable to protect their users digital and tangible assets. In such circumstances this release could not be more timely because among other things it brings strong security solutions as well.

Game Protocols is hosted on a decentralized blockchain, which eliminates single-points-of-failure in a hacking attack. Moreover, tokenizing the gaming experience means that users can fully participate in the experience while still maintaining control of their personal information. In short, with Game Protocols, the same technology that’s securing the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world, is also protecting user information on their platform. As a result, gamers are able to give their full attention to the gaming experience rather than to concerns about their security. When security is ensured, gaming communities can thrive.

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