Coinbase Wants Users to Register and Vote for Pro-crypto Candidates

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Coinbase Wants Users to Register and Vote for Pro-crypto Candidates
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Coinbase believes that its recent voter registration and education initiative will help its users to vote for candidates having strong outlook for crypto initiatives.

On Thursday, August 25, crypto exchange Coinbase unveiled its new crypto policy education and voter registration initiative. This development comes a few months before the upcoming mid-term elections in the United States. Coinbase wants its users to register to vote and know how their candidates stand in terms of crypto initiatives. It seeks to provide crypto holders information about candidates, the crypto regulatory landscape, and the greater political process. As part of the broader education initiative, Coinbase also launched a voter registration tool. Coinbase’s chief policy officer Faryar Shirzad stated:

“We’re launching our US crypto policy education initiative today, which includes a voter registration portal, to respond to our community’s strong interest in learning more about where their representatives and candidates for public office stand on issues of importance to the crypto community, and in finding ways to have their voices heard”.

In the past, Coinbase has been in the news for allegedly selling crypto surveillance data and tools to US government agencies. However, this time Coinbase has clarified that its voter registration tool doesn’t collect or store data provided by its customers.

During the Thursday announcement, Faryar Shirzad stated that the US midterm elections in November will be the “most important in crypto’s history”. “Being informed and being engaged are mission critical for the future of crypto,” he added.

Crypto Legislation and Regulations

As the crypto industry matures, regulations in the crypto sphere have been taking shape pretty well. Coinbase believes that they have a crucial role to play as these regulations will shape the crypto industry in years to come.

In the present Congress, more than 50 bills have already been introduced to shape some aspects of the crypto regulatory landscape. Coinbase adds that the candidates elected this November “will be making key decisions about how crypto, blockchain, and web3 are regulated”.

However, as per the Pew Research Center poll, the biggest concern among voters is the economy. The other important concerns over crypto are healthcare, gun policy, and crime. Amid the current decision of the US Supreme Court, abortion remains another major concern. In its concluding statement, Coinbase’s Faryar Shirzad noted:

“Sensible and workable crypto regulations are critical for maintaining US competitiveness and unlocking innovation. Engaging in the 2022 US midterm elections gives everyone a chance to be an important part of the conversation on the future of crypto”.

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