CoinBurp Introduces DeFi and NFT Wallet

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CoinBurp Introduces DeFi and NFT Wallet
CoinBurp team. Photo: CoinBurp

CoinBurp has partnered with leading NFT markets including OpenSea to enable seamless DeFi and NFT integration.

UK-based crypto trading platform CoinBurp has launched a new DeFi and NFT wallet. Henceforth, users can add funds, buy their favorite digital art or collectibles, send them between different wallets, and also earn rewards.

According to CoinBurp, the new DeFi and NFT alpha-version wallet will also allow users to store and send Ethereum-based tokens. Besides, the wallet will also allow users to import their seed phrase from other DeFi wallets including MetaMask.

The new CoinBurp wallet comes at a time when the DeFi ecosystem and the NFT market are experiencing heightened demand from both institutional investors and retail traders. To put the matter into figures’ perspective, popular digital artist Beeple just auctioned one of his artwork for a whopping $69 million through the blockchain network.

Although not the most expensive artwork to be auctioned in history, it elaborated the immense demand pressure. However, there has been a gap particularly in ensuring safe storage and exchange of NFT tokens in the market. CoinBurp identified the missing link to assist in NFT and DeFi global adoption.

CoinBurp DeFi and NFT Wallet

CoinBurp has partnered with leading NFT markets including OpenSea to enable seamless DeFi and NFT integration. CoinBurp has developed the world’s first generative NFT loyalty programme in collaboration with, Avastars and NFT Boxes.

“The Sandbox is proud to be one of the launch partners of CoinBurp,” said Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox. “CoinBurp’s wallet user-experience is really seamless, and it will help grow the number of NFT holders. Owning The Sandbox gaming virtual worlds LANDS NFTs in your pocket and finding great user-created NFTs, such as Entities, Equipment, or Wearables, for The Sandbox will be a snap!​ We see great value for user-friendly mobile apps to facilitate the discovery, purchase, and trading of NFTs, on the go, from a mobile wallet,” he added.

Notably, CoinBurp has also developed its governance token dubbed $BURP token. Reportedly, CoinBurp DeFi and NFT wallet users can use the $BURP token to stake, earn rewards or pay fees. As a result, CoinBurp can interact with its customers directly through $BURP token in future.

The introduction of CoinBurp DeFi and NFT wallet will significantly draw more users to the CoinBurp ecosystem. Notably, the crypto exchange is reportedly said to handle more than $30 million in trade volume. With the support from Outlier Ventures, CoinBurp DeFi and NFT wallet is set to take the decentralized finance and Non-fungible token industry to the next level.

The NFT market has the potential to scale much faster than the traditional cryptocurrency market since it is in its early adoption stage. Mind you, the digital art world is a billion-dollar industry that has been around for many years.

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