CoinDesk Announces Consensus 2022 in Austin, TX

July 28th, 2021 at 8:02 pm UTC · 5 min read

Today, CoinDesk, announced that its largest annual event, Consensus, will return to an in-person format and be held in Austin, Texas, for the first time in its seven-year history. Since 2015, Consensus has been recognized as the most influential event in cryptocurrency and blockchain. The conference will bring together thousands of attendees to hear from the most sought-after thought leaders and experience a wide range of keynotes, exclusive panels, workshops, and networking opportunities. The festival-style event will be held June 10th – 12th, 2022, with the Austin Convention Center as its hub, while other locations throughout the city will host a variety of additional programming from CoinDesk, the World Economic Forum, Coin Center, and other partner organizations.

The Mayor of Austin, Steve Adler, said,

“The future of cryptocurrency and blockchain is exciting, accelerating, and of the day. Every day this disruptive revolution becomes more and more mainstream. Austin, a city of early adopters where new and great ideas flourish, embraces this new world and is eager to ‘welcome home’ Consensus 2022.”

Texas is becoming a magnet for the blockchain industry. In June, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the Virtual Currency Bill recognizing the legal status of virtual currencies. The law amends Texas’ Uniform Commercial Code to better adapt commercial law to blockchain and digital assets, formally define virtual currencies and offer individuals and businesses a legal environment for crypto investment.

CoinDesk CEO Kevin Worth said,

“CoinDesk is thrilled to partner with the city of Austin for Consensus 2022 to deliver an exciting new iteration of an event that has, since 2015, set the global agenda for the future of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and money. This past year has seen crypto quickly become a part of our everyday lives, permeating into the financial, cultural, and social fabric through the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Consensus 2022 is the one place where developers, entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, academics, regulators, activists, and crypto-curious newcomers come to learn, network, exchange ideas, and interact with the most important technology since the internet. We appreciate the partnership with WEF and Coin Center and welcome any and all interested industry partners to get involved in the most influential event of the year.”

CoinDesk Chief Content Officer Michael J. Casey said,

“As the one ‘big tent’ event of the cryptocurrency and blockchain calendar, Consensus stirs conversations on all elements of the financial and economic transformation that this technology is driving. Whether you’re interested in bitcoin mining, Ethereum 2.0, central bank digital currencies, DeFi, decentralized energy, smart supply chains, Web 3.0, or the intersection of NFTs, art, music, and media, we’ve got you covered. Now we’re taking this framework to its next logical step, as we move to a more open programming model in a city that has perfected the art of the festival.”

Sheila Warren, Member of the Executive Committee at the World Economic Forum, said,

“We’re excited to see the World Economic Forum’s work on crypto come into focus at Consensus 2022. As part of this leading crypto event, we’ll be convening sessions around our newly formed Crypto Impact and Sustainability Accelerator and addressing how environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles intersect with crypto and blockchain technology.”

On Friday, June 10th Coin Center will host their annual fundraising gala to bring industry leaders from the blockchain community together for an exclusive evening.

Coin Center Executive Director Jerry Brito said,

“We are excited to continue the tradition by hosting the Coin Center Annual Dinner alongside Consensus 2022. This conference brings together the best and brightest of our community, and we are looking forward to hosting them once again at a special event in support of our policy advocacy mission.”

The Coin Center Annual Dinner will be an independent event with separate ticketing, available here.

Please find a link to purchase tickets. Early-bird prices start at $499 for a short period of time.

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