CoinGecko Introduces New Premium Experience for Dedicated Fans

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CoinGecko Introduces New Premium Experience for Dedicated Fans
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The Coingecko Premium plan provides access to all of what the free version offers but presents an Ad-free experience on all CoinGecko apps.

Cryptocurrency market data aggregator CoinGecko has unveiled new ways to serve its customers through the rollout of premium services, as interest in the broader digital currency ecosystem blossoms. Announcing the latest products which will serve as a big boost to the existing features on its platform, CoinGecko noted that its current offerings will remain free for all users.

The dynamic and fast-paced digital currency ecosystem in which new cryptocurrency projects are launched every other day has necessitated the need for a trusted price and performance data aggregator, a void platforms like Coingecko seek to fill. Since its inception in 2014, the company said it has “grown to serve almost all corners of the crypto market. From curious casual users to day traders, crypto companies, and institutions,” adding that it now provides “over 200 million pages to over 11 million users and also over 10 billion API data calls per month.”

Per the platform’s way of bringing more value to its customers, it is now introducing the CoinGecko Premium and CoinGecko Premium+ subscription plans.

Features of New Coingecko Premium Plans

To get a better appreciation of the new subscription options, it is worth pointing out that the free version offered by the platform gives access to Live prices, charts & historical data on more than 6,000 cryptocurrencies, candies redemption for claiming rewards, portfolio tracking which is synchronized across all of the user’s devices and availability on Android and iOS to aid the tracking of crypto products on the go.

The Coingecko Premium plan provides access to all of what the free version offers but presents an Ad-free experience on all CoinGecko apps (Web, Mobile App, Newsletter). Also, users can redeem more Candies up to 1.1x to further enhance the overall crypto experience and besides support independent data for the crypto space, the Coingecko Premium will open access to the Genesis Premium NFT products. This subscription goes for $5 per month.

In the Coingecko Premium+ subscription, users will be able to enjoy the benefits from the two previous plans with access to redeem more candies 1.2x which is 20% more than anyone else. Subscribers in this category will exclusively have access to CoinGecko Publications including the acclaimed How to DeFi, as well the newcomer’s guide to the grandfather of crypto – How to Bitcoin. The perks for the Premium plus plan also qualify the subscribers to a private Telegram group with CoinGecko’s research analysts. In all, users get early access to new features first when they get released. The Premium+ subscription costs $10 per month.

Additional Details: Payment Mode, Cancelations, and More

The Coingecko’s Premium services can be paid for using both fiat current and cryptocurrencies. To opt for the former, the user will have to make the payments through credit cards that are supported by Stripe, its payment partner. Cryptocurrency-based payments are processed by Coinbase commerce and supported currencies range from Bitcoin (BTC) to Ethereum (ETH) and more. Cryptocurrency payments are accepted only for annual subscription plans.

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time and will take effect after the expiration of the active plan, and the service offers no refund policy for the new offerings.

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