CoinList to Conduct Token Sale for Decentralized Talent Network Braintrust Next Week

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CoinList to Conduct Token Sale for Decentralized Talent Network Braintrust Next Week
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Braintrust is an Ethereum-based decentralized platform that brings together talent and enterprises while serving the interest of both parties.

CoinList recently announced that it will be conducting the token sale for the world’s first decentralized talent network Braintrust (BTRST). The platform aims at connecting skilled tech freelancers with innovative companies worldwide.

Braintrust notes that it works by aligning the interests of both – the talent and enterprise. Besides, it works differently from other centralized marketplaces which take 20-40% of the freelancers’ earnings. Being a decentralized solution, Braintrust cuts down the middlemen allowing the talent to keep 100% of its earnings. The platform developers note:

Braintrust is a live, self-governing decentralized network with tens of thousands of talent participants and hundreds of Fortune 1000 enterprises including Nestle, Porsche, Atlassian, Goldman Sachs, and Nike processing millions of dollars in transactions each month. All of the development and maintenance of the network has been done by a global network of contributors on the Braintrust network.

Braintrust Native Token BTRST and User Rewards

The Braintrust platform uses its native cryptocurrency BTRST to reward users participating on its platform. Besides, anyone can join the Braintrust platform and start earning in BTRST by inviting talent and clients to transact on the network. The platform also releases rewards dynamically based on user contributions.

Braintrust further employs a sound business model of charging talent 0% and enterprises 10%. Thus, in comparison to other Web 2.0 marketplaces, Braintrust helps to save over 70% in fees on both sides. Braintrust has managed to attract some of the top enterprises on the platform.

Braintrust (BTRST) Token Sale on CoinList

The Braintrust (BTRST) token sale will happen next week on September 9, on the CoinList platform. The BTRST token sale will happen in two different options:

Option 1: September 9,17:00 UTC 

  • $0.996 per token
  • Purchase Limits: $100 – $500
  • 3-month linear release starting on/around Oct 20, 2021 

 Option 2: September 9, 23:00 UTC 

  • $0.664 per token
  • Purchase Limits: $100 – $500
  • 6-month linear release starting on/around Oct 20, 2021 

Braintrust launched the BTRST token earlier this week on September 1, 2021. The launch took place on the Ethereum mainnet with the BTRST token following ERC20 standards. The supply of BTRST tokens has been capped at 250 million tokens. Thus, the total number of BTRST tokens in circulation can never surpass this number.

The Braintrust (BTRST) token has several use cases. Here are the three major ones:

  • Governance: The BTRST token holders can discuss ideas for improvements, vote on governance proposals, and propose other network changes. Users must hold BTRST to propose and vote. Each token can serve as one vote.
  • Bid-Staking: It allows talent and clients to stand out from their peers. This helps to “un-stick” and reduce in the marketplace while emphasizing transparency and addressing other mismatches on supply and demand.
  • Career benefits: Users can earn BTRST tokens by taking courses from the Braintrust Academy. Users can take courses from Web 3.0 to become senior product manager. Thus, the talent can uplevel their skills, earn certifications and increase their earnings over time.

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