Coinomize Offers Total Privacy for Bitcoin Transactions

March 3rd, 2021 at 8:40 pm UTC · 2 min read

Coinomize Offers Total Privacy for Bitcoin Transactions
Photo: Coinomize

We can’t even count how many individuals entered the crypto market in 2021, especially during the Bitcoin bull run.

Bitcoin was around for 12 years, and now that even businessmen such as Elon Musk became interested in it, its popularity skyrocketed.

Since Bitcoin went on board, several people were drawn in by the fact that it offers financial security.

However, you may want to know that Bitcoin doesn’t grant you total anonymity, although it offers P2P transactions and cybercrime protection.

The public blockchain lists every transfer. So you can easily be identified by governments, marketing firms, and plenty of others. But your confidentiality should matter.

And now it is possible, with Coinomize – The best Bitcoin blender to protect your coins.

So What is Coinomize?

Coinomize is a “bitcoin mixer,” so you may already have an idea about what it does.

Coinomize shuffles your coins with others in a pool to make them untraceable. In the end, nobody can say who participated in the exchange, thanks to the payment mechanism – Bitcoin blender.

Also, the platform deletes all user-related data within 72 hours after the transaction to ensure that your identity is secured with even more efficiency.

And wait for the best part; the cost of Coinomize is minimal. Depending on the chosen mixing strength and the transfer time you settle on, you can pay between 1 and 5% of service charges. The miner’s charge is also just 0,0003 BTC.

With 72h transfer delay and a fee of only 4,19%, for example, you might hit the maximum capacity. But you can change the sliders yourself and come up with your ideal combination when making an order.

How All of These Work?

Simple, you just need to follow three steps:

  • Join Coinomize with just your BTC address and start sending your coins;
  • Let the platform mix them with other coins;
  • After the process is done, enjoy the new clean Bitcoin you received.

Nothing more.

This is particularly useful for people living in a country that does not allow Bitcoin transfers. Therefore, you can use the most creative financial technology without fear.

Nobody will ever find that you have started the crypto journey.

With that being said, make sure you follow Coinomize on its online channels to be up to date with any of its future plans!

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