ZT Completed the First Round Investment, Led by Softbank and Followed by Cabin VC, Candaq and Dealean

March 3rd, 2021 at 5:30 pm UTC · 2 min read

Recently, ZT has successfully concluded the first round investment of millions of dollars. It was led by Softbank (UK) and followed by Cabin VC, Candaq and Dealean.

These capitals will be adopted to further strengthen the global operation of ZT, deepen the depth of the underlying trading business and enhance the scale management ability of digital assets. In the near future, ZT will establish a multi-party resource system and improve the ecological governance mechanism of Zenith Smart Chain as well as the business structure of primary and secondary markets in cooperation with Softbank as well as Cabin VC, Candaq, Dealean and other outstanding industrial builders.

It is reported that Cabin VC, Candaq and Dealean are all well-known and important investment institutions and builders in the industry. Cabin VC founded by some early supporters of Ethereum ecosystem in 2018 is an important investor and builder of digital securities and open financial infrastructure. It once participated in several projects in the history of global digital securities, such as the first compliance order creation project, Polkadot and Polkadot. Candaq originating from Berlin, Germany and Silicon Valley in the United States is focused on business incubation in the field of financial technology and blockchain. It participated in Etheruem, Polkadot and other projects at the early stage. Founded in 2017, Dealean was focused on the investment of technology driven and innovative blockchain projects. It participated in the investment and incubation of Polkadot, Litentry and other projects at the early stage.

ZT established in 2018 is subordinate to ZT Global. It is an independent digital asset trading service provider. It is committed to promoting and developing the digital asset management service related to asset digitization by taking global digital asset trading as the underlying business. It ranks in the top 20 in the world at present.