CoinPoint’s London-Based Blockchain Party Was a Success

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CoinPoint’s London-Based Blockchain Party Was a Success
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Bitcoin Cash Party sponsored and held by CoinPoint was a huge success, having hit the goals of both business and pleasure.

On February 8th, 2018, CoinPoint staff enjoyed a Bitcoin Cash Party at Tapa Tapa Bar by the Excel Conference Centre in London. Over 200 people took part in the event, including gaming executives, cryptocurrency heavyweights, English professional snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan and Dr. Craig Wright of NChain.

The party was thrown to celebrate the cryptocurrency becoming a sustainable electronic cash system for fast global transactions. All the participants celebrating the event received free Bitcoin cash on their bitcoin dot com wallets as a payment method to purchase beverages at the bar.

Apart from CoinPoint, the Bitcoin dot com event was sponsored by some leading cryptocurrency startups and Blockchain agencies.

As Eilon Arad, CoinPoint’s Director of Business Development based in Manila, Philippines, described the party in the following way:

“It was an educational strategy with the aim of showing that Bitcoin Cash is the cryptocurrency that can be used for payments globally.”

The party turned out to be a success, having hit all the planned business targets. Even more, it included the showcase of Bitcoin Cash’s features and capabilities as a peer-to-peer currency, as well as the presentation of  CoinPoint as a potential market lawyer.

As Oron Barber, CoinPoint’s CEO, based in Bulgaria, commented:

“The party was a huge success hitting the goals of both business and pleasure as well as bringing the capabilities of Bitcoin Cash as a peer to peer cash as well as CoinPoint’s as a market leader for cryptocurrency marketing agency.”

In addition to all the entertainment elements, such as live music, drinks and the use of Bitcoin Cash, Adriaan Brink, BetterBetting Foundation CEO, announced the winner of the BetterBetting ICO competition. It was Ronnie O’Sullivan, the signed snooker cue.

Brink also made a speech at the event, in which he congratulated all parties for the successful completion of the CoinPoint’s supported ICO. In his speech, Brink also mentioned that the next step would be to replace the current peer-to-peer betting technology using smart contracts to Bitcoin Cash when available.

The CoinPoint Bitcoin Cash Party was a VIP event organized by the teams from CoinGeek, CoinChoose, iGaming Business, and other global media outlets. CoinPoint plans to launch several Bitcoin Cash-related platforms that will improve merchant and user adoption.

Based in Bulgaria, Australia, and the Philippines, CoinPoint aims to provide innovative blockchain solutions for various different markets. The fintech startup looks forward to offer a broad variety of digital marketing features and services. Such digital services include cryptocurrency and blockchain consultations, pay-per-click campaigns, email marketing and many more.

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