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The Cointrade Platform is Set to Introduce the Masses to the Crypto Industry

March 15th, 2018 at 11:52 am UTC · 5 min read

Cointrade, a new crypto asset exchange platform is preparing for its upcoming pre-ICO. The project teams goal is to provide the crypto community with the most efficient, stable, and user-friendly trade platform. Cointrade will expose its users to a broad range of potential trading pairs, as well as support for fiat currencies.

Platform features

Well thought out design

As it stands now, for the most part, only crypto enthusiasts partake in trading. This is primarily due to the fact that new market entrants are overwhelmed with the difficulties of getting used to the crypto market. Most current exchange interfaces are quite unwelcoming for beginners. As a result, newcomers simply leave the market without the possibility to draw profits.

Thankfully, the team behind Cointrade has designed their platform to be as easy to use as possible. This will allow Cointrade to attract a substantial amount of newcomers to the market.

The intuitive exchange interface, topped off with the abundance of tutorial videos, guides, and around the clock support services will make it significantly easier for newcomers to enter the market and partake in crypto asset trade activities.

Additionally, platform participants will be able to take advantage of the many tools provided to them. Such as analytical mechanisms, trade activity signals, and other instruments specifically designed to make redundant trade activities enjoyable and maximally efficient.

Full-fledged exchange

Many current crypto asset exchanges fall short of delivering a truly complete and polished exchange platform. Traders frequently run into issues such as system lags, bugs, textual errors, and poor support services. These issues are further accentuated during heavy load times.

In order to bypass the shortcomings of typical cryptocurrency exchange, the Cointrade team has decided to devote a substantial amount of investment funds gathered during their ICO towards developing a platform that will not only minimize the aforementioned issues, but provide users with maximum security in terms of their assets.

The team has also integrated a sophisticated anti-DDoS system which will ensure uninterrupted performance and stability.

Serious security

In addition to not being fully developed, modern-day crypto asset exchange platforms simply do not devote enough attention towards the security of their user’s funds. In rare occurrences, even the managing parties of cryptocurrency exchanges have been caught amidst less than ideal activities. Ultimately, these factors cause trust towards trading platforms to fade away.

Well, Cointrade will regenerate investor confidence and trust. The team is taking all of the necessary steps in order to ensure that investor funds are tightly secured. For instance, cold storage methodologies will be utilized to ensure that all assets are held securely on the platform. Therefore, platform users will be able to securely hold all of their cryptoassets in one place, instead of having to shuffle through multiple different wallets.

2FA (Two Factor Authentication) will be used by the platform to provide a boost for user account security. Cointrade will also fully operate on Blockchain technology and smart-contracts in order to automate many of the platform’s features.

Dedicated customer support

Properly functioning customer support services are a critical part of any modern-day business. The team behind Cointrade understands that the cryptocurrency industry can be a challenging and stressful one, with a steep learning curve as well. This is exactly why the team has decided to run an around the clock and multilingual support system.

Lower trade commissions

The globes most popular crypto exchanges typically impose high fees upon their users. Platform participants have to pay substantial commissions for nearly all trade operations. Be it withdrawals, deposits, and transfers.

It’s no secret that cryptocurrency exchange platforms generally place high fees on all trade operations. Such fees can be quite detrimental to a trader’s bottom line. Therefore, the Cointrade team has decided to make their platform fees nearly two times less than on other standard cryptocurrency exchanges.

Additionally, it’s definitely worth mentioning that the platform possesses no hidden fees and commissions. Which will undoubtedly result in an influx of platform participants.

Transparent listing of new assets

Prior to listing a new digital asset on the trading platform, Cointrade analysts carefully vet the asset in question in order to determine if it has adequate demand. And if it so happens that there is demand for the asset in question – it will be listed on the platform.

Isolated system components

To ensure that the platform operates in a continuous and stable manner, the system’s components are split up, with each one operating on a separate server:

  1. Frontend – customer interface element.
  2. Backend operations interface
  3. Order processing algorithm
  4. Cryptocoin client interface
  5. Market maker

The Cointrade token

The Cointrade token (CTT) adheres to all necessary ERC20 standards. The future price of CTT will grow together with the amount of users that utilize the Cointrade platform. A set amount of CTT tokens will be released, there will be no additional emissions in the future.

CTT token holders will receive benefits in the form of reduced platform fees, early bird access to newly released features, and access to premium support services.

Initial Coin Offering

236.110.00 CTT tokens will be released.

  • 23.610.000 CTT will be reserved for team members
  • 25.000.000 CTT available for sale during the pre-ICO
  • 187.500.000 CTT will be sold during the Main ICO

Base price: 1 CTT = 0.24 USD


  • Start: 1st April, 2018
  • End: 20th April, 2018
  • Pre-ICO price: 1 CTT = 0.20 USD

Main ICO

  • Main ICO will start in July, 2018
  • ICO price for CTT will vary between 0.22 and 0.24 USD depending on stage.