Colombian Emerald-Backed Crypto-Token GEMERA Announces Pre-Sale Launch

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Colombian Emerald-Backed Crypto-Token GEMERA Announces Pre-Sale Launch
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A group of Colombian largest emerald producers will revolutionize the gem-industry with its innovative blockchain-based platform GEMERA.

Emeralds are one of the most valuable gemstones. Colombia has the most exquisite, purest, and naturally occuring deposits of these precious gems, estimated at about 80% of global production. Some of these high quality gemstones cost even more than diamonds of similar size.

According to a recent finding by Gemval, a leading authority of value reference and appraisal of gems, the price of rough emeralds has grown exponentially by 135% since 2013.

While the uses of the stones have mostly remained ornamental, a group made up of some of the largest emerald producers in Colombia has set out to tap into the stone’s latent abilities through the revolutionary blockchain technology.

GEMERA is an all-encompassing marketplace that eliminates the current challenges faced by the industry. The blockchain-based platform directly connects producers, traders and buyers on a transparent and disintermediated platform.

The platform effectively eliminates the biggest clog in emerald’s value chain – intermediaries. The needless intermediaries intervening in the processes of exchanging and transacting of emeralds is the primary reason why market participants keep fighting a losing battle against high cost and diminishing returns. What’s more, GEMERA is going to unlock the untapped benefits of using emeralds as a store of value through tokenization.

Every GEMERA token will be fully backed by Colombian emeralds already securely stored and certified in Hong Kong’s Malca-Amit facilities. GEMERA’s development is also backed by a major alliance of Colombian emerald producers, who will be supplying the gemstones for the marketplace and upcoming token sale.

A variety of factors make emeralds an excellent store of value. These factors, ranging from historical background to physical attributes, vividity, and scarcity play a critical role in determining the value of the gemstone. Colombian gemstones are renowned for their purity, vividity, perfect saturation, and unique shine, making it the most desirable and highly sought-after.

GEMERA’s emerald stock will be audited every year for full accountability and transparency of assets. The audit will be carried out by a third-party. The result will be made publicly available to the community.

GEMERA has released the details of its upcoming token sale. The event will be held in two stages: Pre-sale and Public Sale. The Pre-sale event will be launched on September 10th and will last till October 24th, offering a limited support of tokens to the general community at a base rate of 1 USD. The participants will receive up to 20% bonus. The Public Sale will start on October 25th and will run till December 12th, with a starting bonus of 10%.

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