Hyperledger Releases New Version of its Flagship Framework Fabric 2.0

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Hyperledger Releases New Version of its Flagship Framework Fabric 2.0
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The newly announced Hyperledger Fabric 2.0 is said to be a new generation framework that has a number of important updates in comparison with the previous version.

Hyperledger Fabric, the thriving open-source brainchild of the Hyperledger Foundation, now has a second version, Fabric 2.0. It has become known from an official announcement of its release.

Second Version, First of its Kind

Hyperledger was created in 2015 by the Linux Foundation and has had support from the most prominent or influential institutions, even from diverse spaces such as IBM, SUP, Intel, JP Morgan and even engineering conglomerates such as Daimler. The open-source blockchain project has risen into popular usage in its space in the few years since its inception.

Its most popular framework, the Hyperledger Fabric, created by the IBM in partnership with Digital Asset, now has a revised second version, which is the first of its kind to have such, especially among similar products in the space.

Hyperledger Fabric 2.0 Updates

The second version of its open-source distributed ledger technology platform (DLT) has been updated with new significant features.

One of its most important updates is the new requirement enforced in the new entry of data. This means before new data is entered into the chain, agreements of all parties involved must be given and forced. Thus, entry of data, whether intentional or unintentional, would not make it into the record if all concerned parties do not come to an agreement.

Other features that were introduced or rejuvenated include improvement in the privacy of data and the implementation of automated checks. The inclusion of automation provides developers the added leeway to make sure extra information is vetted even before a transaction proposal is approved. Institutions and companies using the second version of the DLT can now share private data with as many members as possible without having to define specific channels whatsoever.

The released updated version of the open-source project represents another major forward step by the Linux Foundation. Just last week, reports confirmed that Hyperledger Fabric was now seeing more development activity than other similar competitors such as Corda and Quorum, especially after the official transition of development from Gerrit to Github. Following this positive news comes the released update, and Brian Behlendorf couldn’t be happier.

“Fabric 2.0 is a new generation framework developed by and for the enterprises that are building distributed ledger capabilities into the core of their businesses”, Behlendorf, executive director at Hyperledger explained. “This new release reflects both the development and deployment experience of the Fabric community and confirms the arrival of the production era for enterprise blockchain”, added he.

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