COO of Digital Currency ‘TV’ Makes New Year’s Resolution to Reach the Top 20

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read
COO of Digital Currency ‘TV’ Makes New Year’s Resolution to Reach the Top 20
Ti-Blockchain COO Janson flying above Pokhara, Nepal. Photo: Ti-Blockchain

Designed from the ground up with the privacy in mind, Ti-Blockchain wants to provide its users with a platform for messaging and data sharing with Titanium Value (TV) cryptocurrency serving as a fuel.

Most of us spend New Year at home with family or friends, but that wasn’t the case for Ti-Blockchain COO Janson. While many were huddled up nursing a hangover, he was thousands of feet above Pokhara, Nepal, pondering the future of his company’s digital currency – a proprietary ERC-20 Token on the Ethereum Blockchain called T.V for “Ti-Value”.

After paying 100 TV to travel agency Poor Sky via his company’s messaging platform, Tchat, he found himself paragliding and thinking. A New Year means new goals, and for a burgeoning currency like TV, they’re big ones.

TV token is based on the Ti-Blockchain, a public blockchain ecosystem development platform that takes inspiration from Ethereum and Storj creating user-ready applications. The token can verify the report, trace the source and record the evaluation while serving as a fuel of the Ti Blockchain. It promises to kick-start technological and industrial progress, with significant interest from the Chinese government. Still, Janson doesn’t expect the growth to stop in his home country.

One wish for 2018 is TV communities in fifteen countries, from the U.S. to UK, Germany, France, Russia, Korea, Cambodia, Singapore, Japan, and more. Alongside it Janson hopes to launch the TV payment system, which will allow millions more to pay for travel and other commerce securely and freely.

However, his biggest hope is centered around TV’s market cap, which is sure hoped to reach the top 20. Propelled by a recent partnership with Poor Sky, the Ti-Blockchain team plans to advance the use of the currency in the spheres of global travel, alongside business, storage, and social media. The latter would mean creation of a social media (like Facebook), in which one’s possibilities are not limited to just having friends, sharing information/photos and using messengers services – this could be easily done without blockchain technology. Blockchain in this case would make it possible to use one’s account as a wallet to pay for services, for instance.

Like all good goals, it’s based on a strong belief in the project. TV makes use of a Turing-complete language for its smart contracts and, with some adaptations, it can support languages such as Lua, C#, and more, all with an infrastructure built to reduce load on the blockchain network. Essentially, it looks to solve some of technology’s biggest problems, and it’s already on its way.

As a result, when his feet hit the ground after his paraglider, Janson must have felt a sense of relief. For a year well-spent and an aerial journey survived. This year, however, TV plans to reach new heights, on a tougher path, and stay there. It will be interesting to watch whether the company’s goals will really materialize.

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