These Countries Are Most Keen on Ethereum Merge Development, Google Unveils Countdown Timer

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These Countries Are Most Keen on Ethereum Merge Development, Google Unveils Countdown Timer
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The Asian country of Singapore has the highest searches relating to the Ethereum Merge. Google has also released a doodle with a countdown timer for the Merge event.

The Ethereum Merge is just three days ahead with excitement around the event building up pretty fast. Investors and enthusiasts across the globe are keeping a close eye on the Merge event. Google Trends data shows some of the top countries showering the most interest in Ethereum transition to Proof-of-Stake (PoS). Singapore ranks at the top while Canada and Switzerland take the second spot. Germany, the third-largest economy in the European Union, is in the third spot.

Residents in Singapore collected a total search score of 377. The most common searches among its population were “Ethereum Merge,” “Ethereum,” and “ETH Classic”. Canada and Switzerland, who are in the second spot have a search score of 286. Canadians have been looking for specific information about “Ethereum PoW” and “ETH Merge”. With the third rank, Germany has a search score of 231.

Following the top three spots, the other countries with their respective ranks include the USA, the Netherlands, Australia, and Turkey.

The Merge event will transition the Ethereum blockchain from a PoW to a PoS network. CoinGeckco co-founder and COO Bobby Ong said that The Merge anticipation is at its all-time high. Thus, the Merge event could have a greater impact on the entire crypto sector. Bobby Ong said:

“On a more technical level – there is a slew of miners who want to continue mining the Proof of Work version of Ethereum, which will likely result in the formation of multiple, contentious hard forks post-Merge. It is therefore unsurprising that search terms like ‘Ethereum PoW’ and ‘ETH PoW’ trend higher in these last two months”.

Google Unveils Its Ethereum Merge Countdown Timer

Google has unveiled a new “doodle” as the countdown time of the Ethereum Merge. Just typing “Ethereum Merge” into Google search will show a countdown clock. It also shows additional information about the difficulty rate, the hash rate, and a cartoon of two happy bears.

Interestingly, the two bears will Merge into one panda, which has also served as the defacto mascot for Ethereum’s transition. This “doodle” representation by one of the world’s largest tech firms shows the importance of Merge among the global community. In a message to the Decrypt publication, Sam Padilla, a Web3 Customer Engineer at Google said:

“The search team ran with it and made it happen incredibly fast. More recognition should be going to the teams who made this happen.”

Padilla said that the idea was floated among a couple of Google employees a few weeks back, who wanted to create “some cool easter egg”. “The underlying data is getting pulled directly from the blockchain via some of the nodes we run,” he added.

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