CPI Technologies Presents Scalable Turnkey Blockchain Solutions, Launches in May 2019

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CPI Technologies Presents Scalable Turnkey Blockchain Solutions, Launches in May 2019
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CPI Technologies, a German-based blockchain software solution company, will present the world its innovative IT, promotion and marketing blockchain solutions in May 2019.

German-based blockchain software solution company CPI Technologies is making its way into the frontier decentralized market to offer its IT, promotion, and marketing turnkey solutions reflected in its flagship product, which is planned to debut in May this year.

The success of blockchain-based businesses as emerging enterprises largely depends on the type of development and marketing strategies being adopted. With over 2000 cryptocurrency and blockchain startups competing for the attention of a limited supply of investors and user pool, the struggle for success becomes more intense as it maintains focus on prospects, so it can really be called an uphill battle.

Moreover, most of the marketing solutions available on the market today are majorly generic and offer less than efficient solutions to individual businesses specific to both objectives and niche. CPI Technologies is offering its holistic and comprehensive IT and marketing solution combo to both startups and serial entrepreneurs to leverage on their competence in a bid to provide highly scalable, secure and intuitive blockchain software.

One of the selling points of the platform are the professional marketing tactics allowing the company to ensure that its solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of the client with adaptive features as the startup grows.

CPI Technologies was founded by Marvin Steinberg and the company’s  current CEO Maximilian Schmidt, who strive for the growth and development of projects they work with, aiding the projects to achieve their fundamental goals. As a major stakeholder of the CPI Technologies, Marvin’s experience in facilitating the financial Launchpad of blockchain startups since 2016 has seen as much as $250 million USD raised within the last three years, which proves the level expertise being provided by the platform. According to Marvin, the company’s team is totally aware of what they do and how to do it right:

“Since its inception, CPI Technologies has delivered successful projects, one after another. My team has more than 47 completed projects that have processed more than 32,000 BTC and helped increase sales by 182% through analysis, split-testing and continuous optimization of the customer experience. We know what to do, where and especially how to do.”

The team have put in an immense amount of human and capital resources to develop the software suite and continues to work in that capacity to ensure that the company evolves alongside the burgeoning blockchain industry. As Maximilian Schmidt has commented:

“In the last few years, we spent much effort and millions of euros for developing our software suite, based on a rock-solid, law compliant double-entry bookkeeping to provide our customers the framework to scale up big, handle huge traffic and also to cover necessary questions of security.”

Custom solution designs are run through different workflows to ensure the proper functioning of the software. These include planning and analysis, architectural design, software implementation, testing and integration, marketing and promotion strategy, the launching of the platform, and assessment through measuring and optimizing.

Services offered include the development, deployment, and maintenance of finance and blockchain systems. The blockchain software package comprises of a development workflow from concept to actualization as a fully functioning ecosystem.

Core products currently integrated into the package include a cryptocurrency exchange platform, a blockchain development system that handles the creation of a cryptocurrency to a fully operational enterprise level blockchain, and a payment service provider integrated with an easy point of sale (POS) mechanism.

CPI Technologies’ marketing services involve all digital and social media marketing tactics as well as professional sales generating strategies. The solution also incorporates organic and paid traffic campaigns to drive community interests. Schmidt expressed his confidence in the products and services being offered as having extensive and far-reaching effects in other economic spheres. He said:

“It will revolutionize not only crypto markets but also the real estate, crowdfunding, patent, certificate and stock markets with bringing this all into a single, easy-to-use and huge selling application.”

The company currently offers a free consultation service in blockchain-related subject matters and plans to venture into the emerging asset classes of security tokens. The new flagship product will be available in May with exclusive privileges to select customers. However, Schmidt further stated that the updates about the software will be released periodically through press releases to keep customers and users abreast of developments.

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