Craig Wright Claims to Obtain Private Keys to $9.6 Billion Bitcoin Batch

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Craig Wright Claims to Obtain Private Keys to $9.6 Billion Bitcoin Batch
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However, Wright says he didn’t have access to a few keys that were necessary for unlocking all his assets.

On Monday, according to a court filing to the U.S. District Court of Southern Florida Craig Wright, the Australian entrepreneur who claims to be the real creator of Bitcoin, “provided the necessary information and key slice to unlock the encrypted file”. As he said, these private keys are needed to unlock the $9.6 billion Bitcoin batch.

In another filing, attorneys for Ira Kleiman, who is the brother of the ex-business partner of Wright Dave Kleiman, claimed that Wright only gave a list of 16,404 addresses. However, Kleiman says there was no information about the courier.

This so-called bonded courier should have arrived already on January 1. But in any case, still, Wright did not confirm or deny if that was available then. Instead, he asked for an extension for the intermediary to unlock the encrypted “Tulip Trust” at the heart of the case.

On Jan. 10, U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom granted Wright until February 3 to notify the court when the courier arrives.
Kleiman’s lawyers wrote:

“Plaintiffs request they be provided with seven (7) interrogatories about the courier that Craig must respond to in ten (10) days. Plaintiffs will then use those responses to seek discovery from the bonded courier and his company. In the interim, Plaintiffs are having their experts review and analyze the list. Plaintiffs expect that they will be ready to depose Craig after this discovery occurs, in early March.”

Did Wright Mine or Stole Bitcoins?

The 1.1M Bitcoin Tulip Trust is at the focus of a severe quarrel between Wright and Ira Kleiman. As we’ve already reported, the case started back in February last year when Wright was sued for allegedly misappropriating billions of dollars’ worth of the crypto estate. Ira Kleiman then sued Wright on behalf of the estate owned by his deceased brother.

The suit said Wright stole Dave’s Bitcoins and his rights to a specific intellectual property linked with the Bitcoin technology. Kleiman asked for the return of 1.1 million Bitcoins mined by the two or its fair current market value. Also, he asked for compensation for extensive IP infringement.

Judge Bloom showed distrust over the bonded courier’s existence and the amount of Bitcoin in dispute. Before, Wright was disfavoured by the court for failing to produce a full list of his Bitcoin holdings. He then said it would be “impossible” to comply with the court order, as his Bitcoin was encrypted by the complicated Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme.

Huge Crypto Happening

Let’s also not forget that previously, Wright tried to present some pieces of evidence of the existence of any additional members of one of the plaintiffs, a firm named “W&K Info Defense Research, LLC” (“W&K). He claimed that their existence could prove that the court did not have sufficient evidence. However, he didn’t succeed in this. So, according to the court, “the Defendant has failed to present any credible evidence showing that any of the parties he suggests are members of W&K.”

Be it as it may, this is a huge happening for the crypto community. Since the beginning of the week, the price of each and every cryptocurrency is heavily rising. At the time of writing, BSV was up 71.35% to $348.51.

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