Crowdholding Announces Updates for the Platform

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Crowdholding Announces Updates for the Platform
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A decentralized open innovation platform Crowdholding has announce some major updates, providing its users with new opportunities.

Crowdholding, a decentralized open innovation platform empowering anyone to earn cryptocurrency, is proud to announce some major updates. The platform has payment system based on Ethereum blockchain and is designed to enable entrepreneurs to get insights from key stakeholders, employees and consumers.

With the recent updates, Crowdholding users are now able to instantly withdraw tokens, which they acheived as a reward for co-creating with businesses. More than 25 startups within the blockchain ecosystem, including Deep Onion, Intelligent Trading Foundation, and Peculium, award tokens for bounties on Crowdholding.

Crowdholding team sees the platform’s main goal in connecting users and businesses through smart contracts in a trusted and transparent environment, allowing tokens to move effortlessly from the client to the user, all through the Ethereum blockchain.

The platform’s native YUP token is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and can be used to access the Crowdholding ecosystem. As co-creating with the community is one of the top Crowdholding’s priorities, one of the main updates which stands among all others is the ability for users to invest, purchase and take full advantage of the platform’s services.

The company has ambitious plans to reach over 10,000 active daily users and over 100 businesses in the next few months, aiming to boost the YUP value significantly. The YUP token is currently trading on IDEX, OctaEx, and CoinHub.

Current users have a wide range of opportunities within the platform. They can earn YUP and other tokens without investing, choose tasks for further participation, offer their own well-researched solutions, vote for each other’s solutions which they consider to be worthy, and, finally, to receive tokens as a reward for the votes of others.

The Crowdholding platform has rapidly grown since raising the initial USD 2 million from their token sale in January 2018, with over 17,000 members. Crowdfunding aims to provide value beyond bounty campaigns, as the community can directly collaborate with blockchain startups to co-create, crowdfund and build better businesses.

The decentralized platform provides great value for both pre and post token sale projects, attempting to help the token sale projects gain notoriety and raise awareness around their cause. Among all opportunities, Crowdfunding also allows businesses to launch tasks of different kinds and enable their supporters to implement their unique skills and contribute them into the growth of various blockchain businesses while gaining YUP and ERC20 tokens as a reward.

The Crowdholding team continues working on launching a crowdfunding module, where users will be able to re-invest their YUP tokens into other blockchain projects. The team has been hard at work since July 2016, aiming to create the perfect co-creation platform for businesses and the community.

The company works directly with the most creative and passionate stakeholders, so-called Crown holders. A crowd of key stakeholders, experts and consumers give their feedbacks on how to improve and develop the offering. The crowd gets rewarded for the feedback with YUP & ERC20 tokens, and the company finds ways to improve on it.

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