Crypto Firms Leverage 2022 Super Bowl to Draw in Mainstream Attention

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Crypto Firms Leverage 2022 Super Bowl to Draw in Mainstream Attention
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The Super Bowl QR code commercial cost Coinbase $14 million.

Several crypto brands appeared during this year’s Super Bowl with a total of four crypto-related ads appearing during the championship game. Leading crypto exchange Coinbase aired a fearless 60-second Ad commercial featuring an on-screen floating QR code directing viewers to visit a $15 free BTC promotion for new users over the next two days. According to available information, the commercial was a great success, as it led to the official website and the application of the exchange crashing shortly.

The success of the Coinbase ad elicited a number of reactions from users on Twitter who expressed their joy and satisfaction at the ingenious ad. One Twitter user commented that the ad first made him think that his TV was cut off.

According to The Metaverse, the QR code commercial cost Coinbase $14 million, while describing it as being brilliant, clever and very original. The revelation of the cost led to a comparison of other ads that have typically appeared during the Super Bowl event.

Per available information, it is believed that Coinbase’s website witnessed its highest-ever traffic due to the influx of people who were exposed to the ad. While the crypto exchange has since restored normalcy, the full effect of the ad can’t be quantified as of press time.

Other Crypto Ads that Appeared ar Super Bowl

Following in Coinbase’s footsteps, there were other crypto ads marking the 2022 Super Bowl debut in style. These ads include those from Bud Light, Turbo Tax, and FTX who aired a Larry David commercial.

FTX came up with a funny big game ad featuring Larry David conveying his bold skepticism about some of the most important modern-age inventions.

Flagship social investment company eToro came up with a crypto ad during the 3rd quarter featuring a 30-second commercial where a flying crowd of investors swept up new consumers looking to invest in crypto. closed the day collaborating with LeBron James to do an ad aired right at the beginning of the second half. This was a 60-second commercial featuring a young James cast by star Bentley Green talking to the grown-up James in the spirit of “Fortune Favors the Brave.”

Surprisingly, Binance had no ad at the Super Bowl. Its conspicuous absence was well noticed due to the fact that the exchange is not only the largest exchange in the world by trading volume, but it also has an active campaign where celebrities are advising viewers to carry out their personal research before investing in any asset.

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