Joe Biden's Laser Eyes Meme Causes Confusion in Crypto Community

Joe Biden’s Laser Eyes Meme Causes Confusion in Crypto Community

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Joe Biden’s Laser Eyes Meme Causes Confusion in Crypto Community
Photo: Joe Biden / Facebook

Biden has not publicly endorsed any crypto-friendly policies.

President Joe Biden recently caused quite a strong reaction within the crypto community when he added laser eyes to his profile pictures on X (Twitter) and Instagram. This visual symbol is commonly associated with support for Bitcoin, leading many to speculate if Biden was deliberately embracing cryptocurrencies. However, the meme actually referenced a conspiracy theory about the recent Super Bowl victory of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The laser eyes meme originates from a social media campaign to help drive up the price of Bitcoin to $100,000. Major public figures like Paris Hilton and Elon Musk have previously shown support by adding laser eyes to their profile pictures. The meme symbolizes a bullish, or positive, outlook on the cryptocurrency’s future value.

When Biden changed his picture to feature laser eyes shortly after the Chief’s Super Bowl win, many saw it as the President finally signaling support for cryptocurrencies. However, the caption referencing the game made it clear the laser eyes were just part of the “Dark Brandon” meme used by Biden’s team to portray him as edgy. The meme tied into an unproven conspiracy theory suggesting the NFL rigged the game so the Chiefs would win in favor of Biden and Taylor Swift.

Reactions within the crypto community diverged over Biden’s intention with the laser eyes. Some took it as deliberate outreach to cryptocurrency supporters. Others argued it was likely just an accidental reference that happened to coincide with the Chiefs’ victory. Critics also accused Biden of cultural appropriation by utilizing a symbol strongly associated with cryptocurrency culture.

The Reactions Show Crypto Is Increasing in Prominence

The speculative excitement over Biden’s laser eyes speaks to the increasing prominence of cryptocurrencies. Digital assets like Bitcoin were once confined to the fringes of finance but are now moving towards mainstream acceptance. Memes and symbols originating from cryptocurrency communities also permeate popular culture.

However, Biden has not publicly endorsed any crypto-friendly policies. According to the non-profit Stand with Crypto, the President maintains a negative stance towards digital currencies. His laser eyes meme brought temporary optimism to those wanting greater government acceptance of cryptocurrencies. However, administration policies still treat assets like Bitcoin with skepticism compared to traditional finance.

Some other major figures made more direct cryptocurrency references tied to the Super Bowl. Jack Dorsey, CEO of the financial tech company Block, wore a Bitcoin-themed shirt. The shirt’s design was inspired by Kurt Cobain and referenced Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin.

While Dorsey’s fashion choice was an unambiguous Bitcoin reference, Biden’s laser eyes brought only fleeting hype. His meme was just borrowing symbols popularized within the cryptocurrency community rather than meaningfully engaging with it.

Yet the brief excitement from cryptocurrency supporters indicates their eagerness for mainstream endorsement. As digital currencies continue entering public consciousness, even unrelated gestures get imbued with deeper meaning. The laser eyes incident shows cryptocurrency’s cultural imprint, even if it lacks concrete political backing.

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