Crypto Exchange Binex Makes its Experience More User Friendly

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Crypto Exchange Binex Makes its Experience More User Friendly
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Cryptocurrency exchange Binex brings some innovation to its interface, adding features advantageous for both: expert traders and novice ones.

There are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges in the world right now, offering varying levels of experience and engagement for a crypto trader. Some are simple and secure to use but don’t have much innovation to offer, while others are advanced in user experience and provide innovative solutions like bots, etc. All of these exchanges are trying to stand out in a globally competitive market while looking to improve themselves to further their appeal to cryptocurrency traders.

Binex, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, offers traders the ability to trade cryptocurrencies securely. The exchange has robust security and is now looking to improve its versatile platform and make it more user friendly than ever.

Key Features & User Interface Revamp

One of the key useful options available on the Binex trading platform is spot trading, where user can immediately buy or sell cryptocurrencies with little control over the prices at the time of the trade. This helps in instant liquidation of assets so that any untoward losses can be mitigated.

Another useful feature is the popular limit order, which allows users to buy/sell their assets at their price, and in case other users match this price, then the trade is executed automatically. This gives the trader an opportunity to sell or buy his cryptocurrency when there is no need for urgency.

Binex’s developers have given exchange’s user interface a complete revamp from scratch. The goal behind this big move was that they felt certain key areas that could be improved to help newbies in the cryptocurrency trading circles as well as a number of other features that could bring advantages for veteran traders. The upgraded UI shows updated information on everything necessary to know, including token values, previous history, balances, trades locked and overall summary. There is also an option of switch between a simple interface for beginners and a more advanced one for experts.

Binex Token Generation Event

Binex trade has also launched its own limited internal token to facilitate user trading. The coin brings different advantages to traders when certain trading pairs are used.

The pre-registration for its token generation event is currently going on. 560,000 accounts are being offered with a 5 BEX native token bonus for each new signup. The BEX TGE is also live with a total of 19 million tokens available and 1 BEX= $1. All major cryptocurrencies are supported in this crowdfunding campaign including BTC, BCH, LTC, XRP and ETH.

The new platform will be launched in 13 weeks with the new updates already in place. All in all, Binex exchange works  to harness the full power of Blockchain Technology in order to secure, speed up and increase transparency in the cryptocurrency trading sphere.

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