Cryptocurrency Exchange BINEX.TRADE Announces Ambassador Program

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Cryptocurrency Exchange BINEX.TRADE Announces Ambassador Program
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Cryptocurrency exchange BINEX.TRADE has recently announced its Brand Ambassador Program, promising to reward its users for participation.

Strong brand promotion and customer loyalty are key areas to focus on for the majority of businesses, as these are the main instuments to speed up the company’s growth and longevity. This tendency is typical for the company’s of all possible industries, including blockchain.

Cryptocurrency platforms, both newly appeared and long-term existing, are struggling for their position on the increasingly crowded market, creating innovative ways of promoting themselves to the top of it and widening their audience reach.

Cryptocurrency exchange BINEX.TRADE aims to kill two birds with one stone with its recently-unveiled Brand Ambassador Program, which will reward users with prizes for their loyalty and commitment to the platform.

According to publicity material, BINEX.TRADE is a cryptocurrency exchange aiming to reinvent the sharing economy by combining the power of its native BEX token and decentralization to deliver profits to the stakeholders from daily trade revenue.

The platform allows users to engage in cryptocurrency-based spot trading, which includes the immediate buying and selling of cryptocurrency. The platform also provides its users with more control, allowing to set the selling price themselves. Other trading modes, such as margin trading and multiple currency pairs, are also supported. Unusually, BINEX.TRADE’s native BEX token grants the token owners with 70% of the trade fee collected by the exchange platform, providing an extra incentive for trading.

BINEX.TRADE’s Brand Ambassador Program, announced at the beginning of July, 2018, in Singapore, is targeted at the most enthusiastic users of the platform and cryptocurrency evangelists, generally. The main purpose of the program is to spread public awareness about the BINEX.TRADE brand and increase the user-base via brand ambassadors chosen for their knowledge of cryptocurrency and the BINEX.TRADE exchange platform itself.

The developers hope the program will promote the platform’s philosophy and its vision of creating a solid, vibrant and long-lasting cryptocurrency community, which would be beneficial for all parties, including users, investors and the cryptocurrency scene.

BINEX.TRADE Brand Ambassadors will be expected to discuss and promote the cryptocurrency exchange on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Medium and Telegram. The program will be rewarding ambassadors with BEX tokens, potentially providing them with a lifetime income for taking part in the scheme.

BINEX.TRADE has several registered-user offers in the pipeline, and their Telegram channel appears to be a good way to keep up with the new developments related to the platform. In addition, a giveaway event will have prizes of BEX tokens for users with the highest number of referrals over set periods.

With its Brand Ambassador Program, BINEX.TRADE could be well-placed to effectively promote its brands and expand its user-base. If it can manage to do these things, many more promotions are likely to come from the platform in near future.

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